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Transform your research by choosing PLOS Biology

PLOS Biology empowers authors to publish the full arc of their research without compromising quality. By offering outputs that reflect the process of scientific enquiry, and a broad scope that facilitates cross-disciplinary review, researchers can more fully and accurately represent their science and get credit for all their work.

Reasons to join thousands of researchers who choose PLOS Biology

Quality defined by your questions

We empower researchers to be recognized for the high caliber of their research questions and thoroughness of their research, not just positive results.

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Contextualize your work

We tell the full story of your science. Providing more opportunities to better contextualize your work - your discoveries, peer review and subsequent updates - to increase transparency of your research process.

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Simple, fast submission process

Our review and submissions processes save you time so you can get back to science. It takes just 10 minutes to submit a PDF so you get an initial assessment of your paper sooner.

Format-Free Submissions

Committed to your progress

Share early and more often as your work progresses through a preprint. Publish your methods, initial discoveries, and updates. Add context through published peer review history. For each piece of your research, automatically get credit with ORCID.

Share and Get Credit

Broad visibilty

Boost the impact and visibility of your work. Our dedicated team connects you to the media so that your science reaches the widest possible audience in mainstream and specialist news outlets.

Press Team

Publish all your results. Submit your next article to PLOS Biology.

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