PLOS Sustainability and Transformation, a new Open Access journal for leading research that drives progress towards sustainability of our renewable resources, economy, and society

PLOS Sustainability and Transformation brings together leading research addressing the global challenges of transitioning to a resource-efficient, food-secure, sustainable future. Our journal provides a multidisciplinary forum for research and policy experts across natural and social sciences, technology and economics to share knowledge and accelerate the communication of research that advances progress in pursuit of these shared goals. We will work alongside researchers to shape Open Science and Research practices that facilitate trust, transparency, and discoverability of research that influences key decision-makers, and has a lasting impact on the sustainability of our environment, our economy and the societies around the world who depend upon it.
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Meet our Editor-in-Chief

Lian Pin Koh
Professor Lian Pin Koh brings 20 years of international research experience in the field of sustainability and environmental science, having worked in institutions across Singapore, Switzerland, Australia and the United States. He was formerly a Swiss National Science Foundation Professor at ETH Zurich, the Chair of Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of Adelaide, and Vice President of Science Partnerships and Innovation at Conservation International Foundation. In 2020, Prof. Koh returned to Singapore under the National Research Foundation’s Returning Singaporean Scientists scheme to join the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. He is also Director of the University’s Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions, which seeks to produce cutting-edge science to inform climate policies, strategies and actions in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. Prof. Koh is also a TED-Global speaker, Founding Director of, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and a Nominated Member of Parliament of Singapore.

PLOS Sustainability and Transformation Editorial Board

Our growing Editorial Board is comprised of experts from all over the world with field experience that spans the breadth of our scope. They oversee the peer review process for the journal, evaluating manuscripts, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments, providing feedback and making editorial decisions.
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