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Current IssueApril 2022


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Rare and common variants in ROM1 and PRPH2 genes trans-modify Stargardt/ABCA4 disease

Zernant et al. examine the role of rare and common genetic variants in unlinked loci for ABCA4-associated phenotypes. The study serves as an example for other, “simple monogenic” Mendelian diseases where careful consideration should be given to both rare and common variation in unlinked loci.

Rare and common variants in ROM1 and PRPH2 genes trans-modify Stargardt/ABCA4 disease

Image credit: Winston Lee



Expanding human variation at PLOS Genetics

The former Natural Variation section at PLOS Genetics relaunches as Human Genetic Variation and Disease. Read the editors' reasoning behind this change.

Expanding human variation at PLOS Genetics

Image credit: Barsh et al., pgen.1010070



Sustainable Cropping

In collaboration with other PLOS journals, the collection highlights recently published research into food production systems to meet society’s demands, while preserving the natural resources and providing social and economic viability for farmers and their communities.

Sustainable Cropping

Image credit: Ulrike Leone, Pixabay



Domestic Animal Genetics

Curated by and introduced with an Editorial from Associate Editor Tosso Leeb, the collection presents a selection of PLOS Genetics research that exemplifies recent progress in domestic animal genetics and areas for future development.

Domestic Animal Genetics

Image credit: Pete Linforth, Pixabay

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