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June 2021

Synaptic plasticity is a cellular model for learning and memory. However, the expression mechanisms underlying presynaptic forms of plasticity are not well understood. Orlando et al. investigate functional and structural correlates of presynaptic potentiation at large hippocampal mossy fiber boutons induced by the adenylyl cyclase activator forskolin. The authors performed 2-photon imaging of the genetically encoded glutamate sensor iGluu that revealed an increase in the surface area used for glutamate release at potentiated terminals. By high-pressure freezing and transmission electron microscopy analysis, they found a rapid remodeling of synaptic ultrastructure at potentiated boutons: Synaptic vesicles dispersed in the terminal and accumulated at the active zones, while active zone density and synaptic complexity increased. The researchers suggest that these rapid and early structural rearrangements might enable long-term increase in synaptic strength. The image shows manual renderings of partial 3D reconstruction of hippocampal mossy fiber boutons in control conditions (left) or after forskolin treatment (right). The presynaptic membrane is green, and postsynaptic membrane is light blue. In the top images, synaptic vesicles are yellow, and active zones and docked or tethered vesicles are blue (control) or red (forskolin). In the bottom images, synaptic vesicles are blue (control) or red (forskolin).

Image Credit: pbio.3001149


Promoting inclusive metrics of success and impact to dismantle a discriminatory reward system in science

Sarah W. Davies, Hollie M. Putnam, Tracy Ainsworth, Julia K. Baum, Colleen B. Bove, Sarah C. Crosby, Isabelle M. Côté, Anne Duplouy, Robinson W. Fulweiler, Alyssa J. Griffin, Torrance C. Hanley, Tessa Hill, Adriana Humanes, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Anna Metaxas, Laura M. Parker, Hanny E. Rivera, Nyssa J. Silbiger, Nicola S. Smith, Ana K. Spalding, Nikki Traylor-Knowles, Brooke L. Weigel, Rachel M. Wright, Amanda E. Bates

Strategic testing approaches for targeted disease monitoring can be used to inform pandemic decision-making

James D. Nichols, Tiffany L. Bogich, Emily Howerton, Ottar N. Bjørnstad, Rebecca K. Borchering, Matthew Ferrari, Murali Haran, Christopher Jewell, Kim M. Pepin, William J. M. Probert, Juliet R. C. Pulliam, Michael C. Runge, Michael Tildesley, Cécile Viboud, Katriona Shea

Research Articles

Response thresholds alone cannot explain empirical patterns of division of labor in social insects

Yuko Ulrich, Mari Kawakatsu, Christopher K. Tokita, Jonathan Saragosti, Vikram Chandra, Corina E. Tarnita, Daniel J. C. Kronauer

Neuronal selectivity to complex vocalization features emerges in the superficial layers of primary auditory cortex

Pilar Montes-Lourido, Manaswini Kar, Stephen V. David, Srivatsun Sadagopan

Rapid microstructural plasticity in the cortical semantic network following a short language learning session

Nikola Vukovic, Brian Hansen, Torben Ellegaard Lund, Sune Jespersen, Yury Shtyrov

Intrinsic connectivity reveals functionally distinct cortico-hippocampal networks in the human brain

Alexander J. Barnett, Walter Reilly, Halle R. Dimsdale-Zucker, Eda Mizrak, Zachariah Reagh, Charan Ranganath

Recruitment of release sites underlies chemical presynaptic potentiation at hippocampal mossy fiber boutons

Marta Orlando, Anton Dvorzhak, Felicitas Bruentgens, Marta Maglione, Benjamin R. Rost, Stephan J. Sigrist, Jörg Breustedt, Dietmar Schmitz

Long noncoding RNA PM maintains cerebellar synaptic integrity and Cbln1 activation via Pax6/Mll1-mediated H3K4me3

Yan Jin, Bowen Zhang, Junxia Lu, Yingdong Song, Wei Wang, Wei Zhang, Fanghong Shao, Meng Gong, Meiting Wang, Xiaolin Liang, Shuqin Li, Zhi Zhang, Ge Shan, Xiangting Wang

An in vitro model of tumor heterogeneity resolves genetic, epigenetic, and stochastic sources of cell state variability

Corey E. Hayford, Darren R. Tyson, C. Jack Robbins III, Peter L. Frick, Vito Quaranta, Leonard A. Harris

Erythrocyte adenosine A2B receptor prevents cognitive and auditory dysfunction by promoting hypoxic and metabolic reprogramming

Qingfen Qiang, Jeanne M. Manalo, Hong Sun, Yujin Zhang, Anren Song, Alexander Q. Wen, Y. Edward Wen, Changhan Chen, Hong Liu, Ying Cui, Travis Nemkov, Julie A. Reisz, George Edwards III, Fred A. Perreira, Rodney E. Kellems, Claudio Soto, Angelo D’Alessandro, Yang Xia

The landscape of antibody binding in SARS-CoV-2 infection

Anna S. Heffron, Sean J. McIlwain, Maya F. Amjadi, David A. Baker, Saniya Khullar, Tammy Armbrust, Peter J. Halfmann, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Ajay K. Sethi, Ann C. Palmenberg, Miriam A. Shelef, David H. O’Connor, Irene M. Ong

The nonreceptor tyrosine kinase SRMS inhibits autophagy and promotes tumor growth by phosphorylating the scaffolding protein FKBP51

Jung Mi Park, Seung Wook Yang, Wei Zhuang, Asim K. Bera, Yan Liu, Deepak Gurbani, Sergei J. von Hoyningen-Huene, Sadie Miki Sakurada, Haiyun Gan, Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, Kenneth D. Westover, Malia B. Potts

Identification of sequence changes in myosin II that adjust muscle contraction velocity

Chloe A. Johnson, Jake E. McGreig, Sarah T. Jeanfavre, Jonathan Walklate, Carlos D. Vera, Marta Farré, Daniel P. Mulvihill, Anthony J. Baines, Martin Ridout, Leslie A. Leinwand, Mark N. Wass, Michael A. Geeves

FisB relies on homo-oligomerization and lipid binding to catalyze membrane fission in bacteria

Ane Landajuela, Martha Braun, Christopher D. A. Rodrigues, Alejandro Martínez-Calvo, Thierry Doan, Florian Horenkamp, Anna Andronicos, Vladimir Shteyn, Nathan D. Williams, Chenxiang Lin, Ned S. Wingreen, David Z. Rudner, Erdem Karatekin

Short Reports

An oxytocin/vasopressin-related neuropeptide modulates social foraging behavior in the clonal raider ant

Ingrid Fetter-Pruneda, Taylor Hart, Yuko Ulrich, Asaf Gal, Peter R. Oxley, Leonora Olivos-Cisneros, Margaret S. Ebert, Manija A. Kazmi, Jennifer L. Garrison, Cornelia I. Bargmann, Daniel J. C. Kronauer

Reduced coupling between cerebrospinal fluid flow and global brain activity is linked to Alzheimer disease–related pathology

Feng Han, Jing Chen, Aaron Belkin-Rosen, Yameng Gu, Liying Luo, Orfeu M. Buxton, Xiao Liu, the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

MHC class I H2-Kb negatively regulates neural progenitor cell proliferation by inhibiting FGFR signaling

Karin Lin, Gregor Bieri, Geraldine Gontier, Sören Müller, Lucas K. Smith, Cedric E. Snethlage, Charles W. White III, Sun Y. Maybury-Lewis, Saul A. Villeda

Methods and Resources

Comprehensive glycoproteomics shines new light on the complexity and extent of glycosylation in archaea

Stefan Schulze, Friedhelm Pfeiffer, Benjamin A. Garcia, Mechthild Pohlschroder

Dynamic landscape of protein occupancy across the Escherichia coli chromosome

Peter L. Freddolino, Haley M. Amemiya, Thomas J. Goss, Saeed Tavazoie

Meta-Research Articles

A return-on-investment approach for prioritization of rigorous taxonomic research needed to inform responses to the biodiversity crisis

Jane Melville, David G. Chapple, J. Scott Keogh, Joanna Sumner, Andrew Amey, Phil Bowles, Ian G. Brennan, Patrick Couper, Stephen C. Donnellan, Paul Doughty, Danielle L. Edwards, Ryan J. Ellis, Damien Esquerré, Jéssica Fenker, Michael G. Gardner, Arthur Georges, Margaret L. Haines, Conrad J. Hoskin, Mark Hutchinson, Craig Moritz, James Nankivell, Paul Oliver, Carlos J. Pavón-Vázquez, Mitzy Pepper, Daniel L. Rabosky, Kate Sanders, Glenn Shea, Sonal Singhal, Jessica Worthington Wilmer, Reid Tingley

Discovery Reports

Fungal and host protein persulfidation are functionally correlated and modulate both virulence and antifungal response

Monica Sueiro-Olivares, Jennifer Scott, Sara Gago, Dunja Petrovic, Emilia Kouroussis, Jasmina Zivanovic, Yidong Yu, Marlene Strobel, Cristina Cunha, Darren Thomson, Rachael Fortune-Grant, Sina Thusek, Paul Bowyer, Andreas Beilhack, Agostinho Carvalho, Elaine Bignell, Milos R. Filipovic, Jorge Amich

Structures of the human cholecystokinin 1 (CCK1) receptor bound to Gs and Gq mimetic proteins provide insight into mechanisms of G protein selectivity

Jesse I. Mobbs, Matthew J. Belousoff, Kaleeckal G. Harikumar, Sarah J. Piper, Xiaomeng Xu, Sebastian G. B. Furness, Hari Venugopal, Arthur Christopoulos, Radostin Danev, Denise Wootten, David M. Thal, Laurence J. Miller, Patrick M. Sexton