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PLOS Collections are important thematic issues or group projects of a variety of research outputs that need publishing and promotion. PLOS Genetics collaborates with other PLOS journals to expose the research to thousands of relevant researchers and give their high profile projects the visibility they deserve.

If you are interested in working with us, email the PLOS Collections team with your idea today.


How Microbes ‘Jeopardize’ the Modern Synthesis

This collection presents a series of reviews focused on the expansion and clarification/limitation of the tools scientists use to study microbial evolution.


PLOS Genetics Topic Pages

This Collection aims to increase the coverage of genetics-related topics in Wikipedia by rewarding authors with a citable, PubMed-indexed static version of the living document on Wikipedia.

Craniofacial Genetics

This collection contains a curated selection of research with a focus on specific areas of interest: craniofacial morphogenesis, dysmorphology and syndromes, and normal human facial variation.

PLOS Genetics Research Prize

Each year, you are invited to nominate your favorite PLOS Genetics Research Article for our Research Prize, an initiative that recognizes and rewards outstanding primary research.

Understanding Images

Understanding Images is a collection of posts and articles from a PLOS Genetics blog series. The aim of the series is to showcase the research that created or inspired the journal's cover image, and explain how the image helps us to understand the research question addressed in the manuscript.

Deep Reads

"Deep Reads" celebrates science in literature with the aim of providing recommendations for books in the realms of genetics and beyond

PLOS Genetics: 10th Anniversary

2015 marks the tenth anniversary of PLOS Genetics and brings with it a host of celebrations to mark this momentous occasion. This collection exhibits some of the best research PLOS Genetics has had the privilege to publish over the past decade.

A Collection of Interviews by Jane Gitschier

Jane Gitschier brings her unique conversational style to this collection of interviews of interesting people in the world of science and genetics.

Genetically Modified Insect

These articles describe the technical and applied aspects of GM insects. We have also included articles that are not strictly GM, but aim to modify the disease transmission traits of insects through the use of symbiotic microbes.

The Human Microbiome Project Collection

Funded by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund, the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) was established to provide a comprehensive baseline of the microbial diversity at 18 different human body sites. The Human Microbiome Project Collection encompasses publications from the project.

Genomics of Emerging Infectious Disease

This collection of essays, perspectives, and reviews from six PLOS Journals provides insights into how genomics can revolutionize our understanding of emerging infectious disease.

Epigenetics 2010

This collection reflects a range of model systems and organisms, and offer phenotypic, mechanistic, and chromatin-based insights.

The Genome Network Project/FANTOM3

This collection features articles describing findings that redefine the landscape of the mammalian transcriptome by introducing an extensive collection of novel cDNAs and millions of sequenced tags corresponding to 5'- and 3'-ends of mRNAs.

Aging: Bench to Bedside

This collection focuses on a rapidly evolving field in which the study of both species-specific and ubiquitous aging mechanisms informs the biological process of aging.

2009 Maize Genome

The authors of the research presented in this special collection used the first description of the B73 maize genome to probe some of the most intriguing questions in genetics and plant biology.