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May 2022

A grocery cart full of plastic shopping bags.

Image Credit: Keng Susumpow on Flickr

Research Articles

Charging plastic bags: Perceptions from Japan

Yuna Seo, Fumiko Kudo

Can economic development be a driver of food system sustainability? Empirical evidence from a global sustainability index and a multi-country analysis

Christophe Béné, Jessica Fanzo, Harold A. Achicanoy, Mark Lundy


Reconceptualizing conservation

S. J. Cooke, S. Michaels, E. A. Nyboer, L. Schiller, D. B. R. Littlechild, D. E. L. Hanna, C. D. Robichaud, A. Murdoch, D. Roche, P. Soroye, J. C. Vermaire, V. M. Nguyen, N. Young, J. F. Provencher, P. A. Smith, G. W. Mitchell, S. Avery-Gomm, C. M. Davy, R. T. Buxton, T. Rytwinski, L. Fahrig, J. R. Bennett, G. Auld