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July 2020

Obesity and overweight represent a significant healthcare burden, with increasing numbers of individuals suffering from the ill effects of these conditions globally. A complex interplay of socioeconomic, biological and cultural factors determine the risk of developing obesity and often exacerbate its metabolic effects downstream. The aim of PLOS Medicine's Special Issue on the determinants, consequences, prevention and treatment of obesity is to showcase research that contributes to our evolving understanding of how obesity affects our health and wellbeing.

In this month's Editorial, Guest Editor Sanjay Basu and Senior Editor Adya Misra discuss some of the published research in the special issue, highlighting the challenges and potential solutions to combat the rising tide of obesity.

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Research Articles

Participation in adherence clubs and on-time drug pickup among HIV-infected adults in Zambia: A matched-pair cluster randomized trial

Monika Roy, Carolyn Bolton-Moore, Izukanji Sikazwe, Mpande Mukumbwa-Mwenechanya, Emilie Efronson, Chanda Mwamba, Paul Somwe, Estella Kalunkumya, Mwansa Lumpa, Anjali Sharma, Jake Pry, Wilbroad Mutale, Peter Ehrenkranz, David V. Glidden, Nancy Padian, Stephanie Topp, Elvin Geng, Charles B. Holmes

Development of a polygenic risk score to improve screening for fracture risk: A genetic risk prediction study

Vincenzo Forgetta, Julyan Keller-Baruch, Marie Forest, Audrey Durand, Sahir Bhatnagar, John P. Kemp, Maria Nethander, Daniel Evans, John A. Morris, Douglas P. Kiel, Fernando Rivadeneira, Helena Johansson, Nicholas C. Harvey, Dan Mellström, Magnus Karlsson, Cyrus Cooper, David M. Evans, Robert Clarke, John A. Kanis, Eric Orwoll, Eugene V. McCloskey, Claes Ohlsson, Joelle Pineau, William D. Leslie, Celia M. T. Greenwood, J. Brent Richards

Healthy behaviors at age 50 years and frailty at older ages in a 20-year follow-up of the UK Whitehall II cohort: A longitudinal study

Andres Gil-Salcedo, Aline Dugravot, Aurore Fayosse, Julien Dumurgier, Kim Bouillon, Alexis Schnitzler, Mika Kivimäki, Archana Singh-Manoux, Séverine Sabia

Associations of substance use, psychosis, and mortality among people living in precarious housing or homelessness: A longitudinal, community-based study in Vancouver, Canada

Andrea A. Jones, Kristina M. Gicas, Sam Seyedin, Taylor S. Willi, Olga Leonova, Fidel Vila-Rodriguez, Ric M. Procyshyn, Geoffrey N. Smith, Toby A. Schmitt, A. Talia Vertinsky, Tari Buchanan, Alex Rauscher, Donna J. Lang, G. William MacEwan, Viviane D. Lima, Julio S. G. Montaner, William J. Panenka, Alasdair M. Barr, Allen E. Thornton, William G. Honer

A simplified, combined protocol versus standard treatment for acute malnutrition in children 6–59 months (ComPAS trial): A cluster-randomized controlled non-inferiority trial in Kenya and South Sudan

Jeanette Bailey, Charles Opondo, Natasha Lelijveld, Bethany Marron, Pamela Onyo, Eunice N. Musyoki, Susan W. Adongo, Mark Manary, André Briend, Marko Kerac

Evaluation of systems reform in public hospitals, Victoria, Australia, to improve access to antenatal care for women of refugee background: An interrupted time series design

Jane Yelland, Fiona Mensah, Elisha Riggs, Ellie McDonald, Josef Szwarc, Wendy Dawson, Dannielle Vanpraag, Sue Casey, Christine East, Mary Anne Biro, Glyn Teale, Sue Willey, Stephanie J. Brown

The association of skin autofluorescence with cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality in persons with chronic kidney disease stage 3: A prospective cohort study

Adam Shardlow, Natasha J. McIntyre, Nitin V. Kolhe, Laura B. Nellums, Richard J. Fluck, Christopher W. McIntyre, Maarten W. Taal

Detection rate and treatment gap for atrial fibrillation identified through screening in community health centers in China (AF-CATCH): A prospective multicenter study

Yi Chen, Qi-Fang Huang, Chang-Sheng Sheng, Wei Zhang, Shuai Shao, Dian Wang, Yi-Bang Cheng, Ying Wang, Qian-Hui Guo, Dong-Yan Zhang, Yan Li, Nicole Lowres, Ben Freedman, Ji-Guang Wang

Carrying out embedded implementation research in humanitarian settings: A qualitative study in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

A. S. M. Shahabuddin, Alyssa B. Sharkey, Debra Jackson, Paul Rutter, Andreas Hasman, Malabika Sarker

Efficacy and safety of bempedoic acid for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Arrigo F. G. Cicero, Federica Fogacci, Adrian V. Hernandez, Maciej Banach, on behalf of the Lipid and Blood Pressure Meta-Analysis Collaboration (LBPMC) Group and the International Lipid Expert Panel (ILEP)

Consistent sleep onset and maintenance of body weight after weight loss: An analysis of data from the NoHoW trial

Sofus C. Larsen, Graham Horgan, Marie-Louise K. Mikkelsen, Antonio L. Palmeira, Sarah Scott, Cristiana Duarte, Inês Santos, Jorge Encantado, Ruairi O'Driscoll, Jake Turicchi, Joanna Michalowska, R. James Stubbs, Berit L. Heitmann

Tracing and analysis of 288 early SARS-CoV-2 infections outside China: A modeling study

Francesco Pinotti, Laura Di Domenico, Ernesto Ortega, Marco Mancastroppa, Giulia Pullano, Eugenio Valdano, Pierre-Yves Boëlle, Chiara Poletto, Vittoria Colizza

Opportunistic screening for atrial fibrillation by clinical pharmacists in UK general practice during the influenza vaccination season: A cross-sectional feasibility study

Vilius Savickas, Adrian J. Stewart, Melanie Rees-Roberts, Vanessa Short, Sukvinder K. Bhamra, Sarah A. Corlett, Alistair Mathie, Emma L. Veale

Age-specific sequence of colorectal cancer screening options in Germany: A model-based critical evaluation

Thomas Heisser, Korbinian Weigl, Michael Hoffmeister, Hermann Brenner

Polygenic risk score for obesity and the quality, quantity, and timing of workplace food purchases: A secondary analysis from the ChooseWell 365 randomized trial

Hassan S. Dashti, Marie-France Hivert, Douglas E. Levy, Jessica L. McCurley, Richa Saxena, Anne N. Thorndike

Effect of supplemental nutrition in pregnancy on offspring’s risk of cardiovascular disease in young adulthood: Long-term follow-up of a cluster trial from India

Sanjay Kinra, John Gregson, Poornima Prabhakaran, Vipin Gupta, Gagandeep Kaur Walia, Santhi Bhogadi, Ruby Gupta, Aastha Aggarwal, Poppy Alice Carson Mallinson, Bharati Kulkarni, Dorairaj Prabhakaran, George Davey Smith, K. V. Radha Krishna, Shah Ebrahim, Hannah Kuper, Yoav Ben-Shlomo

The role of polygenic susceptibility to obesity among carriers of pathogenic mutations in MC4R in the UK Biobank population

Nathalie Chami, Michael Preuss, Ryan W. Walker, Arden Moscati, Ruth J. F. Loos

Association of smoking with abdominal adipose deposition and muscle composition in Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) participants at mid-life: A population-based cohort study

James G. Terry, Katherine G. Hartley, Lyn M. Steffen, Sangeeta Nair, Amy C. Alman, Melissa F. Wellons, David R. Jacobs Jr., Hilary A. Tindle, John Jeffrey Carr

Incidence and prevalence of primary care antidepressant prescribing in children and young people in England, 1998–2017: A population-based cohort study

Ruth H. Jack, Chris Hollis, Carol Coupland, Richard Morriss, Roger David Knaggs, Debbie Butler, Andrea Cipriani, Samuele Cortese, Julia Hippisley-Cox

Smoking, alcohol consumption, and cancer: A mendelian randomisation study in UK Biobank and international genetic consortia participants

Susanna C. Larsson, Paul Carter, Siddhartha Kar, Mathew Vithayathil, Amy M. Mason, Karl Michaëlsson, Stephen Burgess

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the GoActive intervention to increase physical activity among UK adolescents: A cluster randomised controlled trial

Kirsten Corder, Stephen J. Sharp, Stephanie T. Jong, Campbell Foubister, Helen Elizabeth Brown, Emma K. Wells, Sofie M. Armitage, Caroline H. D. Croxson, Anna Vignoles, Paul O. Wilkinson, Edward C. F. Wilson, Esther M. F. van Sluijs

Probability of sepsis after infection consultations in primary care in the United Kingdom in 2002–2017: Population-based cohort study and decision analytic model

Martin C. Gulliford, Judith Charlton, Joanne R. Winter, Xiaohui Sun, Emma Rezel-Potts, Catey Bunce, Robin Fox, Paul Little, Alastair D. Hay, Michael V. Moore, Mark Ashworth, SafeAB Study Group

The global burden of disease attributable to high body mass index in 195 countries and territories, 1990–2017: An analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study

Haijiang Dai, Tariq A. Alsalhe, Nasr Chalghaf, Matteo Riccò, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi, Jianhong Wu

Predicting obesity reduction after implementing warning labels in Mexico: A modeling study

Ana Basto-Abreu, Rossana Torres-Alvarez, Francisco Reyes-Sánchez, Romina González-Morales, Francisco Canto-Osorio, M. Arantxa Colchero, Simón Barquera, Juan A. Rivera, Tonatiuh Barrientos-Gutierrez

Estimation of SARS-CoV-2 mortality during the early stages of an epidemic: A modeling study in Hubei, China, and six regions in Europe

Anthony Hauser, Michel J. Counotte, Charles C. Margossian, Garyfallos Konstantinoudis, Nicola Low, Christian L. Althaus, Julien Riou

Obesity, clinical, and genetic predictors for glycemic progression in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes: A cohort study using the Hong Kong Diabetes Register and Hong Kong Diabetes Biobank

Guozhi Jiang, Andrea O. Luk, Claudia H. T. Tam, Eric S. Lau, Risa Ozaki, Elaine Y. K. Chow, Alice P. S. Kong, Cadmon K. P. Lim, Ka Fai Lee, Shing Chung Siu, Grace Hui, Chiu Chi Tsang, Kam Piu Lau, Jenny Y. Y. Leung, Man-wo Tsang, Grace Kam, Ip Tim Lau, June K. Li, Vincent T. Yeung, Emmy Lau, Stanley Lo, Samuel K. S. Fung, Yuk Lun Cheng, Chun Chung Chow, Ewan R. Pearson, Wing Yee So, Juliana C. N. Chan, Ronald C. W. Ma, Hong Kong Diabetes Register TRS Study Group, Hong Kong Diabetes Biobank Study Group

Neonatal outcome in 29 pregnant women with COVID-19: A retrospective study in Wuhan, China

Yan-Ting Wu, Jun Liu, Jing-Jing Xu, Yan-Fen Chen, Wen Yang, Yang Chen, Cheng Li, Yu Wang, Han Liu, Chen Zhang, Ling Jiang, Zhao-Xia Qian, Andrew Kawai, Ben Willem Mol, Cindy-Lee Dennis, Guo-Ping Xiong, Bi-Heng Cheng, Jing Yang, He-Feng Huang

Projected impact of a reduction in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Argentina: A modeling study

M. Victoria Salgado, Joanne Penko, Alicia Fernandez, Jonatan Konfino, Pamela G. Coxson, Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, Raul Mejia


Correction: Quantification of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity by spectrophotometry: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Daniel A. Pfeffer, Benedikt Ley, Rosalind E. Howes, Patrick Adu, Mohammad Shafiul Alam, Pooja Bansil, Yap Boum II, Marcelo Brito, Pimlak Charoenkwan, Archie Clements, Liwang Cui, Zeshuai Deng, Ochaka Julie Egesie, Fe Esperanza Espino, Michael E. von Fricken, Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid, Yongshu He, Gisela Henriques, Wasif Ali Khan, Nimol Khim, Saorin Kim, Marcus Lacerda, Chanthap Lon, Asrat Hailu Mekuria, Didier Menard, Wuelton Monteiro, François Nosten, Nwe Nwe Oo, Sampa Pal, Duangdao Palasuwan, Sunil Parikh, Ayodhia Pitaloka Pasaribu, Jeanne Rini Poespoprodjo, David J. Price, Arantxa Roca-Feltrer, Michelle E. Roh, David L. Saunders, Michele D. Spring, Inge Sutanto, Kamala LeyThriemer, Thomas A. Weppelmann, Lorenz von Seidlein, Ari Winasti Satyagraha, Germana Bancone, Gonzalo J. Domingo, Ric N. Price

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