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August 2019

A recent report on nutrition and food security across the global population highlights that, despite the efforts of countries and international agencies, more than 2 billion people lack regular access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food. Therefore, the study of interventions and programs aimed at improving the nutritional status and health of mothers and their infants is a high priority in many settings.

In this month's Editorial, the Guest Editors for the accompanying PLOS Medicine Special Issue on Maternal and Child Health Nutrition—Lars Åke Persson, Kathleen M. Rasmussen and Huixia Yang—discuss the published research in the context of global priorities for women's and children's health.

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Nutrition for women and children—Are we doing the right things in the right way?

Lars Åke Persson, Kathleen M. Rasmussen, Huixia Yang

Health in Action

The gender-based violence and recovery centre at Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya: An integrated care model for survivors of sexual violence

Marleen Temmerman, Emilomo Ogbe, Griffins Manguro, Iqbal Khandwalla, Mary Thiongo, Kishor N. Mandaliya, Lou Dierick, Markus MacGill, Peter Gichangi

Collection Review

Research Articles

Association of social contact with dementia and cognition: 28-year follow-up of the Whitehall II cohort study

Andrew Sommerlad, Séverine Sabia, Archana Singh-Manoux, Glyn Lewis, Gill Livingston

Pregnancy after bariatric surgery and adverse perinatal outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Zainab Akhter, Judith Rankin, Dries Ceulemans, Lem Ngongalah, Roger Ackroyd, Roland Devlieger, Rute Vieira, Nicola Heslehurst

Impact of nutritional supplementation during pregnancy on antibody responses to diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccination in infants: A randomised trial in The Gambia

Sandra G. Okala, Momodou K. Darboe, Fatou Sosseh, Bakary Sonko, Tisbeh Faye-Joof, Andrew M. Prentice, Sophie E. Moore

Appraising the role of previously reported risk factors in epithelial ovarian cancer risk: A Mendelian randomization analysis

James Yarmolinsky, Caroline L. Relton, Artitaya Lophatananon, Kenneth Muir, Usha Menon, Aleksandra Gentry-Maharaj, Axel Walther, Jie Zheng, Peter Fasching, Wei Zheng, Woo Yin Ling, Sue K. Park, Byoung-Gie Kim, Ji-Yeob Choi, Boyoung Park, George Davey Smith, Richard M. Martin, Sarah J. Lewis

Expectations of healthcare quality: A cross-sectional study of internet users in 12 low- and middle-income countries

Sanam Roder-DeWan, Anna D. Gage, Lisa R. Hirschhorn, Nana A. Y. Twum-Danso, Jerker Liljestrand, Kwanele Asante-Shongwe, Viviana Rodríguez, Talhiya Yahya, Margaret E. Kruk

A novel nutritional supplement to reduce plasma homocysteine in nonpregnant women: A randomised controlled trial in The Gambia

Philip T. James, Ousubie Jawla, Nuredin I. Mohammed, Kabiru Ceesay, Fatai M. Akemokwe, Bakary Sonko, Ebrima A. Sise, Andrew M. Prentice, Matt J. Silver

Early occupational intervention for people with low back pain in physically demanding jobs: A randomized clinical trial

Bjarke Brandt Hansen, Lilli Kirkeskov, Luise Moelenberg Begtrup, Mikael Boesen, Henning Bliddal, Robin Christensen, Ditte Lundsgaard Andreasen, Lars Erik Kristensen, Esben Meulengracht Flachs, Ann Isabel Kryger

Associations of fat mass and fat-free mass accretion in infancy with body composition and cardiometabolic risk markers at 5 years: The Ethiopian iABC birth cohort study

Rasmus Wibaek, Dorte Vistisen, Tsinuel Girma, Bitiya Admassu, Mubarek Abera, Alemseged Abdissa, Marit E. Jørgensen, Pernille Kæstel, Kim F. Michaelsen, Henrik Friis, Jonathan C. K. Wells, Gregers S. Andersen

Development and implementation of a quality improvement toolkit, iron deficiency in pregnancy with maternal iron optimization (IRON MOM): A before-and-after study

Jameel Abdulrehman, Andrea Lausman, Grace H. Tang, Rosane Nisenbaum, Jessica Petrucci, Katerina Pavenski, Lisa K. Hicks, Michelle Sholzberg

An association between maternal weight change in the year before pregnancy and infant birth weight: ELFE, a French national birth cohort study

Marion Lecorguillé, Madalina Jacota, Blandine de Lauzon-Guillain, Anne Forhan, Marie Cheminat, Marie-Aline Charles, Barbara Heude

Assessing trends in the content of maternal and child care following a health system strengthening initiative in rural Madagascar: A longitudinal cohort study

Camille Ezran, Matthew H. Bonds, Ann C. Miller, Laura F. Cordier, Justin Haruna, David Mwanawabenea, Marius Randriamanambintsoa, Hery-Tiana R. Razanadrakato, Mohammed Ali Ouenzar, Bénédicte R. Razafinjato, Megan Murray, Andres Garchitorena

Investigating causal pathways in severe falciparum malaria: A pooled retrospective analysis of clinical studies

Stije J. Leopold, James A. Watson, Atthanee Jeeyapant, Julie A. Simpson, Nguyen H. Phu, Tran T. Hien, Nicholas P. J. Day, Arjen M. Dondorp, Nicholas J. White

Chronic physical conditions and risk for perinatal mental illness: A population-based retrospective cohort study

Hilary K. Brown, Andrew S. Wilton, Joel G. Ray, Cindy-Lee Dennis, Astrid Guttmann, Simone N. Vigod

Breastfeeding, HIV exposure, childhood obesity, and prehypertension: A South African cohort study

Brian Houle, Tamsen J. Rochat, Marie-Louise Newell, Alan Stein, Ruth M. Bland

Impact of reduced dose of ready-to-use therapeutic foods in children with uncomplicated severe acute malnutrition: A randomised non-inferiority trial in Burkina Faso

Suvi T. Kangas, Cécile Salpéteur, Victor Nikièma, Leisel Talley, Christian Ritz, Henrik Friis, André Briend, Pernille Kaestel

Early initiation of breastfeeding and severe illness in the early newborn period: An observational study in rural Bangladesh

Shahreen Raihana, Michael J. Dibley, Mohammad Masudur Rahman, Tazeen Tahsina, Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique, Qazi Sadequr Rahman, Sajia Islam, Ashraful Alam, Patrick J. Kelly, Shams El Arifeen, Tanvir M Huda


Correction: How Prevalent Is Schizophrenia?

The PLOS Medicine Staff

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Correction: Retention and viral suppression in a cohort of HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy in Zambia: Regionally representative estimates using a multistage-sampling-based approach

Izukanji Sikazwe, Ingrid Eshun-Wilson, Kombatende Sikombe, Nancy Czaicki, Paul Somwe, Aaloke Mody, Sandra Simbeza, David V. Glidden, Elizabeth Chizema, Lloyd B. Mulenga, Nancy Padian, Chris J. Duncombe, Carolyn Bolton-Moore, Laura K. Beres, Charles B. Holmes, Elvin Geng

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