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Robust Spatial Sensing of Mating Pheromone Gradients by Yeast Cells

Travis I. Moore, Ching-Shan Chou,  [ ... ], Tau-Mu Yi

Mutual Mate Choice: When it Pays Both Sexes to Avoid Inbreeding

Mathieu Lihoreau, Cédric Zimmer, Colette Rivault

Species Specificity in Major Urinary Proteins by Parallel Evolution

Darren W. Logan, Tobias F. Marton, Lisa Stowers

The Male Sex Pheromone of the Butterfly Bicyclus anynana: Towards an Evolutionary Analysis

Caroline M. Nieberding, Helene de Vos,  [ ... ], Paul M. Brakefield

Effects of Insemination Quantity on Honey Bee Queen Physiology

Freddie-Jeanne Richard, David R. Tarpy, Christina M. Grozinger

The Antibacterial Protein Lysozyme Identified as the Termite Egg Recognition Pheromone

Kenji Matsuura, Takashi Tamura,  [ ... ], Shingo Tatsumi

Assortative Mating between European Corn Borer Pheromone Races: Beyond Assortative Meeting

Laurent Pélozuelo, Serge Meusnier,  [ ... ], Sergine Ponsard

Quantitative Analysis of Mouse Urine Volatiles: In Search of MHC-Dependent Differences

Frank Röck, Karl-Peter Hadeler, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Peter Overath

Divergent Evolution among Teleost V1r Receptor Genes

Patrick Pfister, Jerome Randall, Juan I. Montoya-Burgos, Ivan Rodriguez

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