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Getting Started

We offer format-free initial submission

PLOS ONE waives all formatting requirements until your manuscript has received a provisional Editorial Accept decision.
Review the quick checklist below to begin preparing your submission.

This will help ensure that your submission is complete and gets handled as quickly as possible. 

✔ Make sure your manuscript is a good fit for PLOS ONE

Read the criteria for publication and journal scope for information on what we publish.

PLOS ONE does not consider presubmission inquiries. 

✔ Identify potential editors

See the list of Editorial Board members to identify those who might be a good match for your research. You will enter this information in the submission form. 

✔ Read journal policies

Review the editorial and publishing policies to understand the requirements that apply to your submission.

✔ Prepare funding and competing statements

Read our policies on disclosure of funding sources and competing interests.

✔ Prepare your data

Remember to deposit your data in an appropriate data repository, or format and submit it as Supporting Information. Be ready to provide a Data Availability Statement. Read our policy on data availability.

✔ Confirm the author list

Do you have the following information for all authors listed on the manuscript?

  • Full names, including initials if used
  • Affiliations
  • Email address
  • Any potential competing interests
  • Funding information
  • Author contributions
  • Order of authors

Make sure the corresponding author has an ORCID iD and all authors are aware of the submission. Read more about preparing the author list.

  Refer to our sample files to check that your submission meets our formatting requirements:

✔ Check that your study follows appropriate reporting guidelines

Read more about recommended reporting guidelines for different study types.

✔ Read the license agreement

PLOS applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to works we publish. Under this license, authors agree to make articles legally available for reuse, without permission or fees, for virtually any purpose. Anyone may copy, distribute, or reuse these articles, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.

You must be prepared to sign the license agreement on behalf of all the authors. Read our licenses and copyright policy

✔ Prepare funding and competing statements

Read our policies on disclosure of funding sources and competing interests.

✔ Consider posting a preprint

PLOS encourages authors to post preprints as a way to accelerate the dissemination of research. Authors of manuscripts in the life and health sciences can take advantage of our partnerships with bioRxiv and medRxiv to post a preprint as part of the PLOS submission process. Alternatively, authors can provide the DOI for a previously posted preprint at the repository of their choice.

✔ Access the submission system

Submit new manuscripts in the online submission system.

If you are a new user, click Register Now to create an account. If you are having trouble accessing an existing account, click Login Help or email the journal