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Bacterial Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning Relations Are Modified by Environmental Complexity

Silke Langenheder, Mark T. Bulling, Martin Solan, James I. Prosser

Plant Species and Functional Group Combinations Affect Green Roof Ecosystem Functions

Jeremy Lundholm, J. Scott MacIvor, Zachary MacDougall, Melissa Ranalli

Identifying Thresholds for Ecosystem-Based Management

Jameal F. Samhouri, Phillip S. Levin, Cameron H. Ainsworth

Non-Additive Effects of Genotypic Diversity Increase Floral Abundance and Abundance of Floral Visitors

Mark A. Genung, Jean-Philippe Lessard,  [ ... ], Joseph K. Bailey

Nutrient Enrichment and Food Web Composition Affect Ecosystem Metabolism in an Experimental Seagrass Habitat

Amanda C. Spivak, Elizabeth A. Canuel, J. Emmett Duffy, J. Paul Richardson

Consumers Control Diversity and Functioning of a Natural Marine Ecosystem

Andrew H. Altieri, Geoffrey C. Trussell,  [ ... ], Matthew E. S. Bracken

Producer Nutritional Quality Controls Ecosystem Trophic Structure

Just Cebrian, Jonathan B. Shurin,  [ ... ], William F. Fagan

Oil Palm Research in Context: Identifying the Need for Biodiversity Assessment

Edgar C. Turner, Jake L. Snaddon, Tom M. Fayle, William A. Foster

Changes in Tree Reproductive Traits Reduce Functional Diversity in a Fragmented Atlantic Forest Landscape

Luciana Coe Girão, Ariadna Valentina Lopes, Marcelo Tabarelli, Emilio M. Bruna

Invasions and Extinctions Reshape Coastal Marine Food Webs

Jarrett E. Byrnes, Pamela L. Reynolds, John J. Stachowicz

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