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Euoplocephalus tutus and the Diversity of Ankylosaurid Dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and Montana, USA

Figure 3

Skulls in dorsal view.

CMN 0210 is the holotype of Euoplocephalus tutus, CMN 8530 is the holotype of Anodontosaurus lambei, MOR 433 is the holotype of Oohkotokia horneri, and ROM 784 is the holotype of Dyoplosaurus acutosquameus. AMNH 5337, AMNH 5405, CMN 0210, ROM 784, ROM 1930, TMP 1979.14.74, TMP 1991.127.1, TMP 1997.132.1, and UALVP 31 are from the Dinosaur Park Formation. AMNH 5238 and UALVP 47977 are of uncertain stratigraphic position within Dinosaur Provincial Park. AMNH 5223, CMN 8530, ROM 832, and TMP 1997.59.1 are from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation. NHMUK R4947 is from an unknown stratigraphic position in Alberta. MOR 433, TMP 2001.42.9 (much of the anterior rostrum in heavily reconstructed), and USNM 11892 are from the Upper Two Medicine Formation in Montana. Scale equals 10 cm. Photograph of ROM 832 by C. Brown, and of ROM 1930 by J. Arbour, and used with permission.

Figure 3