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Disclosure of Funding Sources

The following policy applies to all PLOS journals, unless otherwise noted.

All PLOS authors are required to declare what support they received to carry out their research. Declaring funding sources acknowledges funders’ contributions, fulfills funding requirements, and promotes greater transparency in the research process.

We support GPP2 Good Publication Practice for Communicating Company Sponsored Medical Research.

What to Declare

Each author must individually declare all sources of funding received for the research submitted to the journal. This information includes the name of granting agencies, grant numbers, and a description of each funder’s role. If the funder has played no role in the research, this must be stated as well.

Authors are not required to provide the complete list of every single grant that supports them if the grant is not related to the research published.

Funding Statement

A Funding Statement is included in the metadata of each published article. The Funding Statement includes the funding information declared by the authors.

Inaccurate information about funding discovered after publication may require a correction. 

How to Declare

Funding information is entered in the online submission system. Read the submission guidelines.

Funding from Tobacco Companies

PLOS Biology, PLOS Climate, PLOS Complex Systems, PLOS Digital Health, PLOS Global Public Health, PLOS Medicine, PLOS Mental Health, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, PLOS ONE, PLOS Sustainability and Transformation, and PLOS Water will not consider for publication manuscripts in which any of the research costs or authors' salaries have been funded, in whole or in part, by a tobacco company.

Read the PLOS Medicine editorial for the reasoning behind these journals’ policy.