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Recent discoveries show that prion phenomena in both humans and yeast are determined by amyloid-like conformations of misfolded proteins, and similar conformations are associated with noninfectious diseases such as Alzheimer's. Shown are AFM images of new amyloid growth from the ends of epitope-labeled seeds encapsulated in diagrams of yeast cells. (See Collins, et al.)

Image Credit: Image by Angela DePace

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Andy Gass


Diversifying Selection in Plant Breeding

Susan McCouch

Unsolved Mystery

Why Are So Many Bird Flowers Red?

Miguel A Rodríguez-Gironés, Luis Santamaría

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Hearing: Travelling Wave or Resonance?

Andrew Bell

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Loss of Skeletal Muscle HIF-1α Results in Altered Exercise Endurance

Steven D Mason, Richard A Howlett, Matthew J Kim, I. Mark Olfert, Michael C Hogan, Wayne McNulty, Reed P Hickey, Peter D Wagner, C. Ronald Kahn, Frank J Giordano, Randall S Johnson

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Genetic Analysis of Pathways Regulated by the von Hippel-Lindau Tumor Suppressor in Caenorhabditis elegans

Tammie Bishop, Kah Weng Lau, Andrew C. R Epstein, Stuart K Kim, Min Jiang, Delia O'Rourke, Christopher W Pugh, Jonathan M Gleadle, Martin S Taylor, Jonathan Hodgkin, Peter J Ratcliffe

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Sterol-Derived Hormone(s) Controls Entry into Diapause in Caenorhabditis elegans by Consecutive Activation of DAF-12 and DAF-16

Vitali Matyash, Eugeni V Entchev, Fanny Mende, Michaela Wilsch-Bräuninger, Christoph Thiele, Arndt W Schmidt, Hans-Joachim Knölker, Samuel Ward, Teymuras V Kurzchalia

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Mechanism of Association and Reciprocal Activation of Two GTPases

Shu-ou Shan, Robert M Stroud, Peter Walter

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  1. Keeping Proteins on Target

Mechanism of Prion Propagation: Amyloid Growth Occurs by Monomer Addition

Sean R Collins, Adam Douglass, Ronald D Vale, Jonathan S Weissman

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Population History and Natural Selection Shape Patterns of Genetic Variation in 132 Genes

Joshua M Akey, Michael A Eberle, Mark J Rieder, Christopher S Carlson, Mark D Shriver, Deborah A Nickerson, Leonid Kruglyak

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Genetic Response to Climatic Change: Insights from Ancient DNA and Phylochronology

Elizabeth A Hadly, Uma Ramakrishnan, Yvonne L Chan, Marcel van Tuinen, Kim O'Keefe, Paula A Spaeth, Chris J Conroy

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Genomic Insights into Methanotrophy: The Complete Genome Sequence of Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath)

Naomi Ward, Øivind Larsen, James Sakwa, Live Bruseth, Hoda Khouri, A. Scott Durkin, George Dimitrov, Lingxia Jiang, David Scanlan, Katherine H Kang, Matt Lewis, Karen E Nelson, Barbara Methé, Martin Wu, John F Heidelberg, Ian T Paulsen, Derrick Fouts, Jacques Ravel, Hervé Tettelin, Qinghu Ren, Tim Read, Robert T DeBoy, Rekha Seshadri, Steven L Salzberg, Harald B Jensen, Nils Kåre Birkeland, William C Nelson, Robert J Dodson, Svenn H Grindhaug, Ingeborg Holt, Ingvar Eidhammer, Inge Jonasen, Susan Vanaken, Terry Utterback, Tamara V Feldblyum, Claire M Fraser, Johan R Lillehaug, Jonathan A Eisen

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Molecular Signatures of Proliferation and Quiescence in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Teresa A Venezia, Akil A Merchant, Carlos A Ramos, Nathan L Whitehouse, Andrew S Young, Chad A Shaw, Margaret A Goodell

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A Neuroeconomics Approach to Inferring Utility Functions in Sensorimotor Control

Konrad P Körding, Izumi Fukunaga, Ian S Howard, James N Ingram, Daniel M Wolpert

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Identification of Birds through DNA Barcodes

Paul D. N Hebert, Mark Y Stoeckle, Tyler S Zemlak, Charles M Francis

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The Program of Gene Transcription for a Single Differentiating Cell Type during Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis

Patrick Eichenberger, Masaya Fujita, Shane T Jensen, Erin M Conlon, David Z Rudner, Stephanie T Wang, Caitlin Ferguson, Koki Haga, Tsutomu Sato, Jun S Liu, Richard Losick

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