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The Arrival of Homo sapiens into the Southern Cone at 14,000 Years Ago

Gustavo G. Politis, María A. Gutiérrez, Daniel J. Rafuse, Adriana Blasi

Fossil Carder Bee's Nest from the Hominin Locality of Taung, South Africa

Jennifer F. Parker, Philip J. Hopley, Brian F. Kuhn

Trade-Offs in Male Display Activity with Lek Size

César Cestari, Bette A. Loiselle, Marco Aurélio Pizo

Discovery of Novel Viruses in Mosquitoes from the Zambezi Valley of Mozambique

Harindranath Cholleti, Juliette Hayer,  [ ... ], Anne-Lie Blomström

Consensus or Deadlock? Consequences of Simple Behavioral Rules for Coordination in Group Decisions

Helen F. McCreery, Nikolaus Correll, Michael D. Breed, Samuel Flaxman