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Male Circumcision and the Epidemic Emergence of HIV-2 in West Africa

João Dinis Sousa, Marina Padrão Temudo,  [ ... ], Anne-Mieke Vandamme

Cheetah Reunion – The Challenge of Finding Your Friends Again

Tatjana Y. Hubel, Justine Shotton,  [ ... ], Alan M. Wilson

Deforestation Impacts on Bat Functional Diversity in Tropical Landscapes

Rodrigo García-Morales, Claudia E. Moreno,  [ ... ], Eva S. Ávila-Gómez

Limb Bone Structural Proportions and Locomotor Behavior in A.L. 288-1 ("Lucy")

Christopher B. Ruff, M. Loring Burgess, Richard A. Ketcham, John Kappelman

Facial Indicators of Positive Emotions in Rats

Kathryn Finlayson, Jessica Frances Lampe,  [ ... ], Luca Melotti