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A Basal Tapejarine (Pterosauria; Pterodactyloidea; Tapejaridae) from the Crato Formation, Early Cretaceous of Brazil

Rodrigo Vargas Pêgas, Maria Eduarda de Castro Leal, Alexander Wilhelm Armin Kellner

Species From Feces: Order-Wide Identification of Chiroptera From Guano and Other Non-Invasive Genetic Samples

Faith M. Walker, Charles H. D. Williamson,  [ ... ], Carol L. Chambers

Demonstration of Protein-Based Human Identification Using the Hair Shaft Proteome

Glendon J. Parker, Tami Leppert,  [ ... ], Mark Leppert

Assessing the Cost of Global Biodiversity and Conservation Knowledge

Diego Juffe-Bignoli, Thomas M. Brooks,  [ ... ], Naomi Kingston

Occupancy of the Invasive Feral Cat Varies with Habitat Complexity

Rosemary Hohnen, Katherine Tuft,  [ ... ], Christopher N. Johnson