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software paper

iDREM: Interactive visualization of dynamic regulatory networks

In recent years, several additional types of high-throughput time series data have been profiled when studying biological processes including time series miRNA expression, proteomics, epigenomics and single cell RNA-Seq. Combining all available time series and static datasets in a unified model remains an important challenge. To address this, Ding et al. develop a new version of DREM termed interactive DREM (iDREM). 

Image credit: PLOS

iDREM: Interactive visualization of dynamic regulatory networks


education paper

Meet-U: educating through research immersion

Here Abdollahi et al. present a new educational initiative called Meet-U that aims to train students for collaborative work in computational biology and to bridge the gap between education and research. Meet-U mimics the setup of collaborative research projects and takes advantage of the most popular tools for collaborative work and of cloud computing.

Image credit: Here Abdollahi et al.

Meet-U: educating through research immersion

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