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Are you ready to submit your manuscript? Please review the submission guidelineseditorial and publishing policiesfigure guidelines, and table guidelines, and then refer to this checklist to ensure that you have gathered all the relevant information and that the manuscript is formatted appropriately.

All manuscripts must be submitted in the online submission system.

Authors may submit a presubmission inquiry before making a full submission. For more information, read the Presubmission Inquiry guidelines

Submission Checklist

License agreement

Have you read the license agreement and are you able to sign it on behalf of all the authors?

Suggested reviewers

Have you identified potential reviewers whose email addresses you can provide? Have you identified colleagues who may have a conflict of interest – e.g., because they are a close competitor or a collaborator?

Cover letter

Have you prepared a cover letter explaining why you consider this manuscript suitable for publication in PLOS Biology?

Publication fees

Have you discussed the publication fees with your co-authors? Publication fees are US$2900 per manuscript and will be billed upon acceptance. The ability of authors to pay publication fees will never be a consideration in the decision whether to publish.

Collection submissions

If you were invited to submit your paper to a PLOS Special Collection, have you reviewed the terms of submission and publication charges for PLOS Special Collections, and are you prepared to adhere to them?

Author list

Have all authors and their affiliations been included? Do you have a list of the contributions that each author has made to the project? Do you know of any conflicts of interest any of the authors may need to report?

Can you provide the full information for all authors – full names including any middle initials used for publication, institution, and department?

Manuscript organization

Does your manuscript follow the organization guidelines outlined in the submission guidelines?


Does your abstract cover the background, methodology/principal findings, and the conclusions/significance of your study?

Page numbers and spacing

Have you included page numbers on all the sections of the article (figures exempted)?

Have you used double spacing (a blank line under each line of text) for all text in your manuscript?


Have non-standard abbreviations been listed as well as defined in the text?


Have you used standard nomenclature?


Have all appropriate datasets, images, and information been deposited in the relevant public resources and have the accession (and version) numbers been provided in the paper?

Do you have datasets or raw data in a format that can be readily submitted as supplementary data?

Accession numbers

Have all genes, proteins, mutants, diseases, etc., used in the paper been identified by their accession number upon first use, if they appear in a public database?


Are any new or lesser-known protocols described in detail in a separate file that can be submitted as supplemental data?


Do you have any striking figures that might be suitable for consideration as cover images?

Have your original figures been created as EPS or TIFF files in a high enough resolution (300 ppi – 600 ppi) to provide for adequate review?

If your manuscript is ready for publication, do your figures conform to the figure guidelines?


Do your references comply with the reference guidelines?

Related manuscripts

Do you have a related manuscript submitted or in press elsewhere? If so, please note that a copy must be uploaded with the PLOS submission.

Manuscript file

Is the manuscript file in DOC, RTF or PDF? 

Are all files smaller than 10 MB in size?

For initial submissions, manuscripts may be provided as a single PDF file, containing text and figures, plus an additional file for supporting information. Individual publication quality files will be required before formal acceptance.

Revised Manuscripts

Are you submitting a revision? Read the guidelines for revised manuscripts.


Please contact if you have any questions.