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Textured insoles affect the plantar pressure distribution while elite rowers perform on an indoor rowing machine

Fig 2

Quantification of foot loading distribution during rowing.

(A) Force, contact area and CoP computed for the instant of peak force as well as over the whole drive phase. Data are referred to the right side of participant 6 (male, 18 years, 84 kg, 1.85 m) while rowing at 18 strokes/min with the control insoles. Profiles have been averaged over the 30 central rowing cycles of the trial (mean and standard deviation are respectively shown with continuous and dashed lines). Vertical dashed lines indicate the instant of peak force (black) and the catch instant (grey). (B) Pressure values detected by each of the 99 sensors of the instrumented insole (darker intensities indicate lower pressure values). Circles denote the sensors which pressure value was greater than the 15 kPa threshold, defining the absence of foot contact, whereas the crossed circle indicates the coordinate of pressure distribution along the foot fore-rear direction.

Fig 2