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February 2022


Patient Disease Network summarizing the contents of the entire corpus of electronic health records at University of Utah Health, derived from 1.6 million patients. Each node (circle) is a diagnosis, procedure, or medication. The edges (lines) between each node denote statistically significant comorbid relationships. Wesołowski and Lemmon, et al.

Image Credit: Sergiusz Wesołowski, created using Graph-tool (Tiago P. Peixoto, "The graph-tool python library", figshare. (2014) DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1164194 [sci-hub])

Research Articles

Unifying cardiovascular modelling with deep reinforcement learning for uncertainty aware control of sepsis treatment

Thesath Nanayakkara, Gilles Clermont, Christopher James Langmead, David Swigon

Is Europe prepared to go digital? making the case for developing digital capacity: An exploratory analysis of Eurostat survey data

Robin van Kessel, Brian Li Han Wong, Ivan Rubinić, Ella O’Nuallain, Katarzyna Czabanowska

Transfer learning for non-image data in clinical research: A scoping review

Andreas Ebbehoj, Mette Østergaard Thunbo, Ole Emil Andersen, Michala Vilstrup Glindtvad, Adam Hulman

To explain or not to explain?—Artificial intelligence explainability in clinical decision support systems

Julia Amann, Dennis Vetter, Stig Nikolaj Blomberg, Helle Collatz Christensen, Megan Coffee, Sara Gerke, Thomas K. Gilbert, Thilo Hagendorff, Sune Holm, Michelle Livne, Andy Spezzatti, Inga Strümke, Roberto V. Zicari, Vince Istvan Madai, on behalf of the Z-Inspection initiative


The “Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)” approach to advance clinical artificial intelligence (cAI)

Julian Euma Ishii-Rousseau, Shion Seino, Daniel K. Ebner, Maryam Vareth, Ming Jack Po, Leo Anthony Celi