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Refining the Global Spatial Limits of Dengue Virus Transmission by Evidence-Based Consensus

Figure 2

Overview of the evidence scoring system.

Cream boxes represent mandatory categories while red boxes represent optional categories that are only used where required (see Methods). Dashed lines surround individual parameters that are assessed and totalled in the scoring system. Green boxes describe the level of evidence, with a given score in the blue oval. * Each individual piece of literary evidence is scored for contemporariness and accuracy before taking an average of the whole set then adding the combination score. Evidence consensus is calculated as the proportion of the maximum possible score from the dashed lined characteristics that are used. Δ Maximum possible score depends on which categories are included and can vary from 15 (Case data and Health organisation status, but no peer-reviewed evidence available) to 30 (all evidence categories included). Yrs = years. HE = total healthcare expenditure per capita at average U.S. $ exchange rates.

Figure 2