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Immunization with a Hemagglutinin-Derived Synthetic Peptide Formulated with a CpG-DNA-Liposome Complex Induced Protection against Lethal Influenza Virus Infection in Mice

Figure 4

Lack of production of hH5N1 HA233-specific antibodies by an inactivated rH5N1 virus.

BALB/c mice were injected i.p. with UV-inactivated rH5N1 virus, a complex of the UV-inactivated rH5N1 virus encapsulated in DOPE:CHEMS, or a complex of the UV-inactivated rH5N1 virus and Lipoplex(O) on three occasions. The sera were collected, and the titers of rH5N1 virus-specific total IgG (A) and hH5N1 HA233-specific total IgG (B) were measured by ELISA.

Figure 4