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Posted by lucaturin on 11 Feb 2013 at 22:34 GMT

We are very grateful to Dr Joshua L Cherry for pointing out that we used the wrong statistic in assessing the significance of our data.

The correct one, binom.test in R [ ] gives the following values:

Table 1
Individual p values: TG: 0.4875; DR: 0.5500; TS: 0.4194; AD: 0.4812; SG:0.5438
Aggregate probability : 0.53

Table 2
Individual p values: MG: 0.0215; LT: 0.0005; KF: 0.2891; KM: 1.52 10-5; NH: 0.0005; CC: 0.146; AM: 0.0034; CS: 0.0063; JB: 0.0005; VC: 0.1460; AD: 0.0386
Aggregate probability : < 2.2 10-16. The calculated p bottoms out at this value, presumably due to underflow, at 112/132 correct. The actual probability at 119/132 correct is therefore lower still.

Conclusions: The results with acetophenone are indistinguishable from chance, those with cyclopentadecanone are highly statistically significant. Those were the main findings of the paper, and they remain unchanged.

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