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Network Events on Multiple Space and Time Scales in Cultured Neural Networks and in a Stochastic Rate Model

Fig 5

A broad spectrum of synchronous network events: simulations vs ex-vivo data.

Panels A-C: experimental distributions of network events. Panels A and B: ∼40-minute recordings from a very long recording, for the same network; panel C: ∼1-hour recording from another cultured network. Panels D-F: distributions from simulations of networks corresponding to the points in Fig 2 ((wexc, winh) = (0.82, 0.7), (wexc, winh) = (0.82, 0.55), (wexc, winh) = (0.88, 0.55)). The three networks of panels D-F have increasing levels of subcritical excitability. Note the logarithmic scale on the y-axis. The solid lines are fits of the theoretical distribution of event sizes, a sum of an exponential (for quasi-orbits) and a Gaussian (for NS) distribution (see Models and Analysis, Eq 18). The vertical lines mark the probabilistic threshold separating NS and quasi-orbits.

Fig 5