Publication Fees

Publication fees (also referred to as “Article Processing Charges” or APCs) help PLOS recover the costs of publication—including peer review management, journal production, and online hosting and archiving. PLOS publishes all content Open Access and makes the content freely available online for researchers and readers to read, distribute, and reuse.

Authors’ ability to pay publication fees will never be a consideration in the decision whether to publish.

Publication fees vary by journal. PLOS charges a per article fee and sends a bill upon article acceptance. Authors do not receive additional charges based on color, length, figures, or other elements.

PLOS Biology  $3,000 USD
PLOS Medicine  $3,000 USD
PLOS Computational Biology  $2,350 USD
PLOS Genetics  $2,350 USD
PLOS Pathogens  $2,350 USD
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases  $2,350 USD
PLOS ONE   $1,595 USD

Publication fees are subject to change. The APCs are charged at the applicable rates effective on your submission date.  

PLOS has specific terms and publication charges for articles that are part of a Special Collection. To find out more visit our Special Collection Fees page.

Publication Fee Support

PLOS believes that lack of funds should not be a barrier to Open Access publication. Since its inception, PLOS has provided individual fee support and institutional fee support programs.

Authors must formally apply for fee assistance during manuscript submission; PLOS will not consider requests made during the review process or after acceptance. The Publication Fee Assistance (PFA) application is only accessible through the submission system and formal letters to the editors cannot be considered outside the formal application process.

The current offering includes:

PLOS Global Participation Initiative (Low- and Middle-Income Country Assistance)

Authors' research which is funded primarily (50% or more of the work contained within the article) by an institution or organization from eligible low- and middle-income countries will receive partial (group 2 countries) or full (group 1 countries) fee funding paid by the PLOS Global Participation Initiative (GPI). Group 2 PLOS GPI country authors who need to request additional support should apply for PLOS Publication Fee Assistance instead of the PLOS GPI.

PLOS Publication Fee Assistance (PFA)

Publication Fee Assistance is intended for authors who demonstrate financial need. PLOS does not disclose information about an applicant's application status for fee assistance to journal editors or reviewers. Publication decisions are based solely on editorial criteria.

PLOS Institutional Fee Support Program

PLOS currently offers an institutional program to support Open Access scientific publishing. Participating institutions have arrangements with PLOS to administer payment for full publication fees for their institutions' authors. To be eligible, authors must be a corresponding author affiliated with the institution or agency in the Institutional Account Program (fully paid or restricted).

Each institution reserves the right to accept or reject who they will fund per their internal funding policies. These restrictions, if any, are disclosed in the participating institutions list. For those authors not approved for APC funding, PLOS will invoice the individuals directly. Authors who need to request additional support should apply for PLOS PFA.

Additional External Funds

Authors may also be eligible for direct funding from their institution or funder, which may be different from the PLOS Institutional program. See additional Open Access funds for examples. To confirm amounts and details of funding and eligibility, contact the organization as indicated.


Questions about a bill or invoice? Please contact the Author Billing department. Journal staff are unable to assist with billing and payment queries.


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