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June 2014

Peritoneal macrophages from miR-146a-/- mice were incubated with GFP-labeled B. burgdorferi and phagocytic uptake monitored by confocal microscopy. Apparent in the overlay are cell nuclei (gray), lysosomes (red), cell membranes (blue), and B. burgdorferi (green). B. burgdorferi are identified as bright GFP puncta associated with intracellular lysosomes and as spiral shaped bacteria on the cell surface. Uptake of B. burgdorferi was greater in macrophages lacking miR-146a than wild type macrophages, consistent with the reduced bacterial presence and increased Lyme arthritis severity in joint tissue of infected miR-146a-/- mice. See Lochhead et al.

Image Credit: Robert B Lochhead, Janis J Weis


Antibody Responses to Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Role in Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of Encephalitis?

Patrick M. Meyer Sauteur, Bart C. Jacobs, Emiel B. M. Spuesens, Enno Jacobs, David Nadal, Cornelis Vink, Annemarie M. C. van Rossum


Fungal Nail Infections (Onychomycosis): A Never-Ending Story?

Mahmoud Ghannoum, Nancy Isham

Crossing the Interspecies Barrier: Opening the Door to Zoonotic Pathogens

Christian Gortazar, Leslie A. Reperant, Thijs Kuiken, José de la Fuente, Mariana Boadella, Beatriz Martínez-Lopez, Francisco Ruiz-Fons, Agustin Estrada-Peña, Christian Drosten, Graham Medley, Richard Ostfeld, Townsend Peterson, Kurt C. VerCauteren, Christian Menge, Marc Artois, Constance Schultsz, Richard Delahay, Jordi Serra-Cobo, Robert Poulin, Frederic Keck, Alonso A. Aguirre, Heikki Henttonen, Andrew P. Dobson, Susan Kutz, Juan Lubroth, Atle Mysterud

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Catching Fire: Candida albicans, Macrophages, and Pyroptosis

Damian J. Krysan, Fayyaz S. Sutterwala, Melanie Wellington

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Dusp3 and Psme3 Are Associated with Murine Susceptibility to Staphylococcus aureus Infection and Human Sepsis

Qin Yan, Batu K. Sharma-Kuinkel, Hitesh Deshmukh, Ephraim L. Tsalik, Derek D. Cyr, Joseph Lucas, Christopher W. Woods, William K. Scott, Gregory D. Sempowski, Joshua Thaden, Thomas H. Rude, Sun Hee Ahn, Vance G. Fowler Jr

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BdlA, DipA and Induced Dispersion Contribute to Acute Virulence and Chronic Persistence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Yi Li, Olga E. Petrova, Shengchang Su, Gee W. Lau, Warunya Panmanee, Renuka Na, Daniel J. Hassett, David G. Davies, Karin Sauer

The Highly Conserved Bacterial RNase YbeY Is Essential in Vibrio cholerae, Playing a Critical Role in Virulence, Stress Regulation, and RNA Processing

Maarten Vercruysse, Caroline Köhrer, Bryan W. Davies, Markus F. F. Arnold, John J. Mekalanos, Uttam L. RajBhandary, Graham C. Walker

Both α2,3- and α2,6-Linked Sialic Acids on O-Linked Glycoproteins Act as Functional Receptors for Porcine Sapovirus

Deok-Song Kim, Myra Hosmillo, Mia Madel Alfajaro, Ji-Yun Kim, Jun-Gyu Park, Kyu-Yeol Son, Eun-Hye Ryu, Frederic Sorgeloos, Hyung-Jun Kwon, Su-Jin Park, Woo Song Lee, Duck Cho, Joseph Kwon, Jong-Soon Choi, Mun-Il Kang, Ian Goodfellow, Kyoung-Oh Cho

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Morphotype Transition and Sexual Reproduction Are Genetically Associated in a Ubiquitous Environmental Pathogen

Linqi Wang, Xiuyun Tian, Rachana Gyawali, Srijana Upadhyay, Dylan Foyle, Gang Wang, James J. Cai, Xiaorong Lin

Structural Insights into SraP-Mediated Staphylococcus aureus Adhesion to Host Cells

Yi-Hu Yang, Yong-Liang Jiang, Juan Zhang, Lei Wang, Xiao-Hui Bai, Shi-Jie Zhang, Yan-Min Ren, Na Li, Yong-Hui Zhang, Zhiyong Zhang, Qingguo Gong, Yide Mei, Ting Xue, Jing-Ren Zhang, Yuxing Chen, Cong-Zhao Zhou

Contribution of Specific Residues of the β-Solenoid Fold to HET-s Prion Function, Amyloid Structure and Stability

Asen Daskalov, Matthias Gantner, Marielle Aulikki Wälti, Thierry Schmidlin, Celestine N. Chi, Christian Wasmer, Anne Schütz, Johanna Ceschin, Corinne Clavé, Sandra Cescau, Beat Meier, Roland Riek, Sven J. Saupe

Differential Activation of Acid Sphingomyelinase and Ceramide Release Determines Invasiveness of Neisseria meningitidis into Brain Endothelial Cells

Alexander Simonis, Sabrina Hebling, Erich Gulbins, Sibylle Schneider-Schaulies, Alexandra Schubert-Unkmeir

The Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells 2 Inhibits Complement Component 1q Effector Mechanisms and Exerts Detrimental Effects during Pneumococcal Pneumonia

Omar Sharif, Riem Gawish, Joanna M. Warszawska, Rui Martins, Karin Lakovits, Anastasiya Hladik, Bianca Doninger, Julia Brunner, Ana Korosec, Roland E. Schwarzenbacher, Tiina Berg, Robert Kralovics, Jacques Colinge, Ildiko Mesteri, Susan Gilfillan, Andrea Salmaggi, Admar Verschoor, Marco Colonna, Sylvia Knapp

Recruitment of RED-SMU1 Complex by Influenza A Virus RNA Polymerase to Control Viral mRNA Splicing

Guillaume Fournier, Chiayn Chiang, Sandie Munier, Andru Tomoiu, Caroline Demeret, Pierre-Olivier Vidalain, Yves Jacob, Nadia Naffakh

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Selective Chemical Inhibition of agr Quorum Sensing in Staphylococcus aureus Promotes Host Defense with Minimal Impact on Resistance

Erin K. Sully, Natalia Malachowa, Bradley O. Elmore, Susan M. Alexander, Jon K. Femling, Brian M. Gray, Frank R. DeLeo, Michael Otto, Ambrose L. Cheung, Bruce S. Edwards, Larry A. Sklar, Alexander R. Horswill, Pamela R. Hall, Hattie D. Gresham

A Genome-Wide Tethering Screen Reveals Novel Potential Post-Transcriptional Regulators in Trypanosoma brucei

Esteban D. Erben, Abeer Fadda, Smiths Lueong, Jörg D. Hoheisel, Christine Clayton

Forward Genetic Screening Identifies a Small Molecule That Blocks Toxoplasma gondii Growth by Inhibiting Both Host- and Parasite-Encoded Kinases

Kevin M. Brown, Elena Suvorova, Andrew Farrell, Aaron McLain, Ashley Dittmar, Graham B. Wiley, Gabor Marth, Patrick M. Gaffney, Marc Jan Gubbels, Michael White, Ira J. Blader

Protective Efficacy of Passive Immunization with Monoclonal Antibodies in Animal Models of H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus Infection

Yasushi Itoh, Reiko Yoshida, Shintaro Shichinohe, Megumi Higuchi, Hirohito Ishigaki, Misako Nakayama, Van Loi Pham, Hideaki Ishida, Mitsutaka Kitano, Masahiko Arikata, Naoko Kitagawa, Yachiyo Mitsuishi, Kazumasa Ogasawara, Hideaki Tsuchiya, Takahiro Hiono, Masatoshi Okamatsu, Yoshihiro Sakoda, Hiroshi Kida, Mutsumi Ito, Le Quynh Mai, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Hiroko Miyamoto, Mari Ishijima, Manabu Igarashi, Yasuhiko Suzuki, Ayato Takada

An Invertebrate Warburg Effect: A Shrimp Virus Achieves Successful Replication by Altering the Host Metabolome via the PI3K-Akt-mTOR Pathway

Mei-An Su, Yun-Tzu Huang, I-Tung Chen, Der-Yen Lee, Yun-Chieh Hsieh, Chun-Yuan Li, Tze Hann Ng, Suh-Yuen Liang, Shu-Yu Lin, Shiao-Wei Huang, Yi-An Chiang, Hon-Tsen Yu, Kay-Hooi Khoo, Geen-Dong Chang, Chu-Fang Lo, Han-Ching Wang

Preclinical Detection of Variant CJD and BSE Prions in Blood

Caroline Lacroux, Emmanuel Comoy, Mohammed Moudjou, Armand Perret-Liaudet, Séverine Lugan, Claire Litaise, Hugh Simmons, Christelle Jas-Duval, Isabelle Lantier, Vincent Béringue, Martin Groschup, Guillaume Fichet, Pierrette Costes, Nathalie Streichenberger, Frederic Lantier, Jean Philippe Deslys, Didier Vilette, Olivier Andréoletti

Biogenesis of Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin Cross-Protective Stem Epitopes

Javier G. Magadán, Meghan O. Altman, William L. Ince, Heather D. Hickman, James Stevens, Aaron Chevalier, David Baker, Patrick C. Wilson, Rafi Ahmed, Jack R. Bennink, Jonathan W. Yewdell

Functional Characterization of a Novel Family of Acetylcholine-Gated Chloride Channels in Schistosoma mansoni

Kevin MacDonald, Samuel Buxton, Michael J. Kimber, Tim A. Day, Alan P. Robertson, Paula Ribeiro

A Central Role for Carbon-Overflow Pathways in the Modulation of Bacterial Cell Death

Vinai Chittezham Thomas, Marat R. Sadykov, Sujata S. Chaudhari, Joselyn Jones, Jennifer L. Endres, Todd J. Widhelm, Jong-Sam Ahn, Randeep S. Jawa, Matthew C. Zimmerman, Kenneth W. Bayles

Systematic Phenotyping of a Large-Scale Candida glabrata Deletion Collection Reveals Novel Antifungal Tolerance Genes

Tobias Schwarzmüller, Biao Ma, Ekkehard Hiller, Fabian Istel, Michael Tscherner, Sascha Brunke, Lauren Ames, Arnaud Firon, Brian Green, Vitor Cabral, Marina Marcet-Houben, Ilse D. Jacobsen, Jessica Quintin, Katja Seider, Ingrid Frohner, Walter Glaser, Helmut Jungwirth, Sophie Bachellier-Bassi, Murielle Chauvel, Ute Zeidler, Dominique Ferrandon, Toni Gabaldón, Bernhard Hube, Christophe d'Enfert, Steffen Rupp, Brendan Cormack, Ken Haynes, Karl Kuchler

IscR Is Essential for Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Type III Secretion and Virulence

Halie K. Miller, Laura Kwuan, Leah Schwiesow, David L. Bernick, Erin Mettert, Hector A. Ramirez, James M. Ragle, Patricia P. Chan, Patricia J. Kiley, Todd M. Lowe, Victoria Auerbuch

Ubiquitin-Mediated Response to Microsporidia and Virus Infection in C. elegans

Malina A. Bakowski, Christopher A. Desjardins, Margery G. Smelkinson, Tiffany A. Dunbar, Isaac F. Lopez-Moyado, Scott A. Rifkin, Christina A. Cuomo, Emily R. Troemel

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The Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinase 3 of Toxoplasma Influences Basal Calcium Levels and Functions beyond Egress as Revealed by Quantitative Phosphoproteome Analysis

Moritz Treeck, John L. Sanders, Rajshekhar Y. Gaji, Kacie A. LaFavers, Matthew A. Child, Gustavo Arrizabalaga, Joshua E. Elias, John C. Boothroyd

A Translocated Effector Required for Bartonella Dissemination from Derma to Blood Safeguards Migratory Host Cells from Damage by Co-translocated Effectors

Rusudan Okujava, Patrick Guye, Yun-Yueh Lu, Claudia Mistl, Florine Polus, Muriel Vayssier-Taussat, Cornelia Halin, Antonius G. Rolink, Christoph Dehio

Cycling Empirical Antibiotic Therapy in Hospitals: Meta-Analysis and Models

Pia Abel zur Wiesch, Roger Kouyos, Sören Abel, Wolfgang Viechtbauer, Sebastian Bonhoeffer

Fructose-Asparagine Is a Primary Nutrient during Growth of Salmonella in the Inflamed Intestine

Mohamed M. Ali, David L. Newsom, Juan F. González, Anice Sabag-Daigle, Christopher Stahl, Brandi Steidley, Judith Dubena, Jessica L. Dyszel, Jenee N. Smith, Yakhya Dieye, Razvan Arsenescu, Prosper N. Boyaka, Steven Krakowka, Tony Romeo, Edward J. Behrman, Peter White, Brian M. M. Ahmer

Growth Factor and Th2 Cytokine Signaling Pathways Converge at STAT6 to Promote Arginase Expression in Progressive Experimental Visceral Leishmaniasis

E. Yaneth Osorio, Bruno L. Travi, Alda M. da Cruz, Omar A. Saldarriaga, Audrie A. Medina, Peter C. Melby

Adequate Th2-Type Response Associates with Restricted Bacterial Growth in Latent Mycobacterial Infection of Zebrafish

Milka Marjut Hammarén, Kaisa Ester Oksanen, Hanna Maria Nisula, Bruno Vincent Luukinen, Marko Pesu, Mika Rämet, Mataleena Parikka

Progressive Proximal-to-Distal Reduction in Expression of the Tight Junction Complex in Colonic Epithelium of Virally-Suppressed HIV+ Individuals

Charlotte Y. Chung, Stephanie L. Alden, Nicholas T. Funderburg, Pingfu Fu, Alan D. Levine

The Contribution of Social Behaviour to the Transmission of Influenza A in a Human Population

Adam J. Kucharski, Kin O. Kwok, Vivian W. I. Wei, Benjamin J. Cowling, Jonathan M. Read, Justin Lessler, Derek A. Cummings, Steven Riley

Discovery of a Novel Compound with Anti-Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus Activity That Targets the Nonstructural Protein 2

Dong-Hoon Chung, Colleen B. Jonsson, Nichole A. Tower, Yong-Kyu Chu, Ergin Sahin, Jennifer E. Golden, James W. Noah, Chad E. Schroeder, Julie B. Sotsky, Melinda I. Sosa, Daniel E. Cramer, Sara N. McKellip, Lynn Rasmussen, E. Lucile White, Connie S. Schmaljohn, Justin G. Julander, Jeffrey M. Smith, Claire Marie Filone, John H. Connor, Yasuteru Sakurai, Robert A. Davey

A Virulent Strain of Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) of Honeybees (Apis mellifera) Prevails after Varroa destructor-Mediated, or In Vitro, Transmission

Eugene V. Ryabov, Graham R. Wood, Jessica M. Fannon, Jonathan D. Moore, James C. Bull, Dave Chandler, Andrew Mead, Nigel Burroughs, David J. Evans

HopW1 from Pseudomonas syringae Disrupts the Actin Cytoskeleton to Promote Virulence in Arabidopsis

Yongsung Kang, Joanna Jelenska, Nicolas M. Cecchini, Yujie Li, Min Woo Lee, David R. Kovar, Jean T. Greenberg

Toll-Like Receptor 8 Agonist and Bacteria Trigger Potent Activation of Innate Immune Cells in Human Liver

Juandy Jo, Anthony T. Tan, James E. Ussher, Elena Sandalova, Xin-Zi Tang, Alfonso Tan-Garcia, Natalie To, Michelle Hong, Adeline Chia, Upkar S. Gill, Patrick T. Kennedy, Kai Chah Tan, Kang Hoe Lee, Gennaro De Libero, Adam J. Gehring, Christian B. Willberg, Paul Klenerman, Antonio Bertoletti

Cytoplasmic Viral RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Disrupts the Intracellular Splicing Machinery by Entering the Nucleus and Interfering with Prp8

Yen-Chin Liu, Rei-Lin Kuo, Jing-Yi Lin, Peng-Nien Huang, Yi Huang, Hsuan Liu, Jamine J. Arnold, Shu-Jen Chen, Robert Yung-Liang Wang, Craig E. Cameron, Shin-Ru Shih

MicroRNA-146a Provides Feedback Regulation of Lyme Arthritis but Not Carditis during Infection with Borrelia burgdorferi

Robert B. Lochhead, Ying Ma, James F. Zachary, David Baltimore, Jimmy L. Zhao, John H. Weis, Ryan M. O'Connell, Janis J. Weis

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Defining Immune Engagement Thresholds for In Vivo Control of Virus-Driven Lymphoproliferation

Cristina Godinho-Silva, Sofia Marques, Diana Fontinha, Henrique Veiga-Fernandes, Philip G. Stevenson, J. Pedro Simas

Human IGF1 Regulates Midgut Oxidative Stress and Epithelial Homeostasis to Balance Lifespan and Plasmodium falciparum resistance in Anopheles stephensi

Anna L. Drexler, Jose E. Pietri, Nazzy Pakpour, Eric Hauck, Bo Wang, Elizabeth K. K. Glennon, Martha Georgis, Michael A. Riehle, Shirley Luckhart