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March 2014

A 3D rendering generated using Imaris software (from Bitplane) of an MDCK cell infected with influenza A/WSN/1933 (H1N1) virus with four influenza viral RNA segments identified by fluorescent in situ hybridization: PB2 (red spots), PB1 (green spots), PA (orange spots), and NP (yellow spots). The nucleus is labeled in blue based on DAPI staining. Lakdawala et al.

Image Credit: Seema S. Lakdawala and Juraj Kabat, NIAID, NIH.


Viral OTU Deubiquitinases: A Structural and Functional Comparison

Ben A. Bailey-Elkin, Puck B. van Kasteren, Eric J. Snijder, Marjolein Kikkert, Brian L. Mark

A Missing Dimension in Measures of Vaccination Impacts

M. Gabriela M. Gomes, Marc Lipsitch, Andrew R. Wargo, Gael Kurath, Carlota Rebelo, Graham F. Medley, Antonio Coutinho


Oral Bacteria and Cancer

Sarah E. Whitmore, Richard J. Lamont

Mycobacteriophages: Windows into Tuberculosis

Graham F. Hatfull

Conflicting Interests in the Pathogen–Host Tug of War: Fungal Micronutrient Scavenging Versus Mammalian Nutritional Immunity

Joanna Potrykus, Elizabeth R. Ballou, Delma S. Childers, Alistair J. P. Brown

Putting Fungi to Work: Harvesting a Cornucopia of Drugs, Toxins, and Antibiotics

Ulrich Kück, Sandra Bloemendal, Ines Teichert

Research Articles

Interferon Regulatory Factor-1 Protects from Fatal Neurotropic Infection with Vesicular Stomatitis Virus by Specific Inhibition of Viral Replication in Neurons

Sharmila Nair, Kristin Michaelsen-Preusse, Katja Finsterbusch, Sabine Stegemann-Koniszewski, Dunja Bruder, Martina Grashoff, Martin Korte, Mario Köster, Ulrich Kalinke, Hansjörg Hauser, Andrea Kröger

A Cytosolic Chaperone Complexes with Dynamic Membrane J-Proteins and Mobilizes a Nonenveloped Virus out of the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Christopher Paul Walczak, Madhu Sudhan Ravindran, Takamasa Inoue, Billy Tsai

Broadly Reactive Human CD8 T Cells that Recognize an Epitope Conserved between VZV, HSV and EBV

Christopher Chiu, Megan McCausland, John Sidney, Fuh-Mei Duh, Nadine Rouphael, Aneesh Mehta, Mark Mulligan, Mary Carrington, Andreas Wieland, Nicole L. Sullivan, Adriana Weinberg, Myron J. Levin, Bali Pulendran, Bjoern Peters, Alessandro Sette, Rafi Ahmed

Crk Adaptors Negatively Regulate Actin Polymerization in Pedestals Formed by Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) by Binding to Tir Effector

Elvira Nieto-Pelegrin, Eugenia Meiler, José Manuel Martín-Villa, María Benito-León, Narcisa Martinez-Quiles

New Insights into How Yersinia pestis Adapts to Its Mammalian Host during Bubonic Plague

Elizabeth Pradel, Nadine Lemaître, Maud Merchez, Isabelle Ricard, Angéline Reboul, Amélie Dewitte, Florent Sebbane

An Immunomics Approach to Schistosome Antigen Discovery: Antibody Signatures of Naturally Resistant and Chronically Infected Individuals from Endemic Areas

Soraya Gaze, Patrick Driguez, Mark S. Pearson, Tiago Mendes, Denise L. Doolan, Angela Trieu, Donald P. McManus, Geoffrey N. Gobert, Maria Victoria Periago, Rodrigo Correa Oliveira, Fernanda C. Cardoso, Guilherme Oliveira, Rie Nakajima, Al Jasinskas, Chris Hung, Li Liang, Jozelyn Pablo, Jeffrey M. Bethony, Philip L. Felgner, Alex Loukas

Structural and Functional Characterization of a Complex between the Acidic Transactivation Domain of EBNA2 and the Tfb1/p62 Subunit of TFIIH

Philippe R. Chabot, Luca Raiola, Mathieu Lussier-Price, Thomas Morse, Genevieve Arseneault, Jacques Archambault, James G. Omichinski

Two-Component System Cross-Regulation Integrates Bacillus anthracis Response to Heme and Cell Envelope Stress

Laura A. Mike, Jacob E. Choby, Paul R. Brinkman, Lorenzo Q. Olive, Brendan F. Dutter, Samuel J. Ivan, Christopher M. Gibbs, Gary A. Sulikowski, Devin L. Stauff, Eric P. Skaar

Heterogeneity and Breadth of Host Antibody Response to KSHV Infection Demonstrated by Systematic Analysis of the KSHV Proteome

Nazzarena Labo, Wendell Miley, Vickie Marshall, William Gillette, Dominic Esposito, Matthew Bess, Alexandra Turano, Thomas Uldrick, Mark N. Polizzotto, Kathleen M. Wyvill, Rachel Bagni, Robert Yarchoan, Denise Whitby

Infection of Adult Thymus with Murine Retrovirus Induces Virus-Specific Central Tolerance That Prevents Functional Memory CD8+ T Cell Differentiation

Shiki Takamura, Eiji Kajiwara, Sachiyo Tsuji-Kawahara, Tomoko Masumoto, Makoto Fujisawa, Maiko Kato, Tomomi Chikaishi, Yuri Kawasaki, Saori Kinoshita, Manami Itoi, Nobuo Sakaguchi, Masaaki Miyazawa

A Non-Coding RNA Promotes Bacterial Persistence and Decreases Virulence by Regulating a Regulator in Staphylococcus aureus

Cédric Romilly, Claire Lays, Arnaud Tomasini, Isabelle Caldelari, Yvonne Benito, Philippe Hammann, Thomas Geissmann, Sandrine Boisset, Pascale Romby, François Vandenesch

Activation of HIV-1 from Latent Infection via Synergy of RUNX1 Inhibitor Ro5-3335 and SAHA

Zachary Klase, Venkat S. R. K. Yedavalli, Laurent Houzet, Molly Perkins, Frank Maldarelli, Jason Brenchley, Klaus Strebel, Paul Liu, Kuan-Teh Jeang

Lack of Detectable HIV-1 Molecular Evolution during Suppressive Antiretroviral Therapy

Mary F. Kearney, Jonathan Spindler, Wei Shao, Sloane Yu, Elizabeth M. Anderson, Angeline O'Shea, Catherine Rehm, Carry Poethke, Nicholas Kovacs, John W. Mellors, John M. Coffin, Frank Maldarelli

HMGB1-Promoted and TLR2/4-Dependent NK Cell Maturation and Activation Take Part in Rotavirus-Induced Murine Biliary Atresia

Yinrong Qiu, Jixin Yang, Wenmei Wang, Wentao Zhao, Fei Peng, Ying Xiang, Gang Chen, Tao Chen, Chengwei Chai, Shuaiyu Zheng, Daniel J. Watkins, Jiexiong Feng

DHX36 Enhances RIG-I Signaling by Facilitating PKR-Mediated Antiviral Stress Granule Formation

Ji-Seung Yoo, Kiyohiro Takahasi, Chen Seng Ng, Ryota Ouda, Koji Onomoto, Mitsutoshi Yoneyama, Janice Ching Lai, Simon Lattmann, Yoshikuni Nagamine, Tadashi Matsui, Kuniyoshi Iwabuchi, Hiroki Kato, Takashi Fujita

Identification of OmpA, a Coxiella burnetii Protein Involved in Host Cell Invasion, by Multi-Phenotypic High-Content Screening

Eric Martinez, Franck Cantet, Laura Fava, Isobel Norville, Matteo Bonazzi

MAVS-MKK7-JNK2 Defines a Novel Apoptotic Signaling Pathway during Viral Infection

Yuefeng Huang, Heng Liu, Senlin Li, Yijun Tang, Bo Wei, Huansha Yu, Chen Wang

RON5 Is Critical for Organization and Function of the Toxoplasma Moving Junction Complex

Josh R. Beck, Allan L. Chen, Elliot W. Kim, Peter J. Bradley

The Role of Host and Microbial Factors in the Pathogenesis of Pneumococcal Bacteraemia Arising from a Single Bacterial Cell Bottleneck

Alice Gerlini, Leonarda Colomba, Leonardo Furi, Tiziana Braccini, Ana Sousa Manso, Andrea Pammolli, Bo Wang, Antonio Vivi, Maria Tassini, Nico van Rooijen, Gianni Pozzi, Susanna Ricci, Peter W. Andrew, Uwe Koedel, E. Richard Moxon, Marco R. Oggioni

IL-1α and Complement Cooperate in Triggering Local Neutrophilic Inflammation in Response to Adenovirus and Eliminating Virus-Containing Cells

Nelson C. Di Paolo, Lisa K. Baldwin, Eric E. Irons, Thalia Papayannopoulou, Stephen Tomlinson, Dmitry M. Shayakhmetov

Inflammasome Sensor NLRP1 Controls Rat Macrophage Susceptibility to Toxoplasma gondii

Kimberly M. Cirelli, Gezahegn Gorfu, Musa A. Hassan, Morton Printz, Devorah Crown, Stephen H. Leppla, Michael E. Grigg, Jeroen P. J. Saeij, Mahtab Moayeri

VE-Cadherin Cleavage by LasB Protease from Pseudomonas aeruginosa Facilitates Type III Secretion System Toxicity in Endothelial Cells

Guillaume Golovkine, Eric Faudry, Stéphanie Bouillot, Romé Voulhoux, Ina Attrée, Philippe Huber

Dimerization of VirD2 Binding Protein Is Essential for Agrobacterium Induced Tumor Formation in Plants

Abhilash Padavannil, Chacko Jobichen, Yang Qinghua, Jayaraman Seetharaman, Adrian Velazquez-Campoy, Liu Yang, Shen Q. Pan, J. Sivaraman

Caspase-1-Dependent and -Independent Cell Death Pathways in Burkholderia pseudomallei Infection of Macrophages

Antje Bast, Kathrin Krause, Imke H. E. Schmidt, Matsayapan Pudla, Stefanie Brakopp, Verena Hopf, Katrin Breitbach, Ivo Steinmetz

Eosinophils Are Important for Protection, Immunoregulation and Pathology during Infection with Nematode Microfilariae

Emma T. Cadman, Katherine A. Thysse, Siobhan Bearder, Anita Y. N. Cheung, Ashleigh C. Johnston, James J. Lee, Rachel A. Lawrence

Fha Interaction with Phosphothreonine of TssL Activates Type VI Secretion in Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Jer-Sheng Lin, Hsin-Hui Wu, Pang-Hung Hsu, Lay-Sun Ma, Yin-Yuin Pang, Ming-Daw Tsai, Erh-Min Lai

Immune Suppression by Neutrophils in HIV-1 Infection: Role of PD-L1/PD-1 Pathway

Nathan L. Bowers, E. Scott Helton, Richard P. H. Huijbregts, Paul A. Goepfert, Sonya L. Heath, Zdenek Hel

Oral Mycobiome Analysis of HIV-Infected Patients: Identification of Pichia as an Antagonist of Opportunistic Fungi

Pranab K. Mukherjee, Jyotsna Chandra, Mauricio Retuerto, Masoumeh Sikaroodi, Robert E. Brown, Richard Jurevic, Robert A. Salata, Michael M. Lederman, Patrick M. Gillevet, Mahmoud A. Ghannoum

Cytomegalovirus m154 Hinders CD48 Cell-Surface Expression and Promotes Viral Escape from Host Natural Killer Cell Control

Angela Zarama, Natàlia Pérez-Carmona, Domènec Farré, Adriana Tomic, Eva Maria Borst, Martin Messerle, Stipan Jonjic, Pablo Engel, Ana Angulo

Related Articles

Foodborne Transmission of Nipah Virus in Syrian Hamsters

Emmie de Wit, Joseph Prescott, Darryl Falzarano, Trenton Bushmaker, Dana Scott, Heinz Feldmann, Vincent J. Munster

Adaptive Gene Amplification As an Intermediate Step in the Expansion of Virus Host Range

Greg Brennan, Jacob O. Kitzman, Stefan Rothenburg, Jay Shendure, Adam P. Geballe

A Model System for Studying the Transcriptomic and Physiological Changes Associated with Mammalian Host-Adaptation by Leptospira interrogans Serovar Copenhageni

Melissa J. Caimano, Sathesh K. Sivasankaran, Anna Allard, Daniel Hurley, Karsten Hokamp, André A. Grassmann, Jay C. D. Hinton, Jarlath E. Nally

Clonality of HTLV-2 in Natural Infection

Anat Melamed, Aviva D. Witkover, Daniel J. Laydon, Rachael Brown, Kristin Ladell, Kelly Miners, Aileen G. Rowan, Niall Gormley, David A. Price, Graham P. Taylor, Edward L. Murphy, Charles R. M. Bangham

Genetic Dissection of Anopheles gambiae Gut Epithelial Responses to Serratia marcescens

Stavros Stathopoulos, Daniel E. Neafsey, Mara K. N. Lawniczak, Marc A. T. Muskavitch, George K. Christophides

Group B Streptococcal Infection of the Choriodecidua Induces Dysfunction of the Cytokeratin Network in Amniotic Epithelium: A Pathway to Membrane Weakening

Jeroen P. Vanderhoeven, Craig J. Bierle, Raj P. Kapur, Ryan M. McAdams, Richard P. Beyer, Theo K. Bammler, Federico M. Farin, Aasthaa Bansal, Min Spencer, Mei Deng, Michael G. Gravett, Craig E. Rubens, Lakshmi Rajagopal, Kristina M. Adams Waldorf

In Vivo Administration of a JAK3 Inhibitor during Acute SIV Infection Leads to Significant Increases in Viral Load during Chronic Infection

Yoshiaki Takahashi, Siddappa N. Byrareddy, Christina Albrecht, Markus Brameier, Lutz Walter, Ann E. Mayne, Paul Dunbar, Robert Russo, Dawn M. Little, Tara Villinger, Ladawan Khowawisetsut, Kovit Pattanapanyasat, Francois Villinger, Aftab A. Ansari

A Polysaccharide Virulence Factor from Aspergillus fumigatus Elicits Anti-inflammatory Effects through Induction of Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist

Mark S. Gresnigt, Silvia Bozza, Katharina L. Becker, Leo A. B. Joosten, Shahla Abdollahi-Roodsaz, Wim B. van der Berg, Charles A. Dinarello, Mihai G. Netea, Thierry Fontaine, Antonella De Luca, Silvia Moretti, Luigina Romani, Jean-Paul Latge, Frank L. van de Veerdonk

Gambiense Human African Trypanosomiasis and Immunological Memory: Effect on Phenotypic Lymphocyte Profiles and Humoral Immunity

Veerle Lejon, Dieudonné Mumba Ngoyi, Luc Kestens, Luc Boel, Barbara Barbé, Victor Kande Betu, Johan van Griensven, Emmanuel Bottieau, Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, Jan Jacobs, Philippe Büscher

Transovarial Transmission of a Plant Virus Is Mediated by Vitellogenin of Its Insect Vector

Yan Huo, Wenwen Liu, Fujie Zhang, Xiaoying Chen, Li Li, Qifei Liu, Yijun Zhou, Taiyun Wei, Rongxiang Fang, Xifeng Wang

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Porphyromonas gingivalis and Treponema denticola Exhibit Metabolic Symbioses

Kheng H. Tan, Christine A. Seers, Stuart G. Dashper, Helen L. Mitchell, James S. Pyke, Vincent Meuric, Nada Slakeski, Steven M. Cleal, Jenny L. Chambers, Malcolm J. McConville, Eric C. Reynolds

Oncogenic Human Papillomaviruses Activate the Tumor-Associated Lens Epithelial-Derived Growth Factor (LEDGF) Gene

Jenny Leitz, Miriam Reuschenbach, Claudia Lohrey, Anja Honegger, Rosita Accardi, Massimo Tommasino, Manuel Llano, Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz, Karin Hoppe-Seyler, Felix Hoppe-Seyler

Target Cell Availability, Rather than Breast Milk Factors, Dictates Mother-to-Infant Transmission of SIV in Sooty Mangabeys and Rhesus Macaques

Ann Chahroudi, Emily Cartwright, S. Thera Lee, Maud Mavigner, Diane G. Carnathan, Benton Lawson, Paul M. Carnathan, Tayebeh Hashempoor, Megan K. Murphy, Tracy Meeker, Stephanie Ehnert, Christopher Souder, James G. Else, Joyce Cohen, Ronald G. Collman, Thomas H. Vanderford, Sallie R. Permar, Cynthia A. Derdeyn, Francois Villinger, Guido Silvestri

The Herpes Virus Fc Receptor gE-gI Mediates Antibody Bipolar Bridging to Clear Viral Antigens from the Cell Surface

Blaise Ndjamen, Alexander H. Farley, Terri Lee, Scott E. Fraser, Pamela J. Bjorkman

Evolution of the Retroviral Restriction Gene Fv1: Inhibition of Non-MLV Retroviruses

Melvyn W. Yap, Emily Colbeck, Scott A. Ellis, Jonathan P. Stoye

Influenza A Virus Assembly Intermediates Fuse in the Cytoplasm

Seema S. Lakdawala, Yicong Wu, Peter Wawrzusin, Juraj Kabat, Andrew J. Broadbent, Elaine W. Lamirande, Ervin Fodor, Nihal Altan-Bonnet, Hari Shroff, Kanta Subbarao

Related Articles

Chronic Exposure to Type-I IFN under Lymphopenic Conditions Alters CD4 T Cell Homeostasis

Cecile Le Saout, Rebecca B. Hasley, Hiromi Imamichi, Lueng Tcheung, Zonghui Hu, Megan A. Luckey, Jung-Hyun Park, Scott K. Durum, Mindy Smith, Adam W. Rupert, Michael C. Sneller, H. Clifford Lane, Marta Catalfamo

Crystal Structure of the Vaccinia Virus DNA Polymerase Holoenzyme Subunit D4 in Complex with the A20 N-Terminal Domain

Céline Contesto-Richefeu, Nicolas Tarbouriech, Xavier Brazzolotto, Stéphane Betzi, Xavier Morelli, Wim P. Burmeister, Frédéric Iseni

PPARγ Agonists Improve Survival and Neurocognitive Outcomes in Experimental Cerebral Malaria and Induce Neuroprotective Pathways in Human Malaria

Lena Serghides, Chloe R. McDonald, Ziyue Lu, Miriam Friedel, Cheryl Cui, Keith T. Ho, Howard T. J. Mount, John G. Sled, Kevin C. Kain

ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq Reveal an AmrZ-Mediated Mechanism for Cyclic di-GMP Synthesis and Biofilm Development by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Christopher J. Jones, David Newsom, Benjamin Kelly, Yasuhiko Irie, Laura K. Jennings, Binjie Xu, Dominique H. Limoli, Joe J. Harrison, Matthew R. Parsek, Peter White, Daniel J. Wozniak

Post-Translational Regulation via Clp Protease Is Critical for Survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Ravikiran M. Raju, Mark P. Jedrychowski, Jun-Rong Wei, Jessica T. Pinkham, Annie S. Park, Kathryn O'Brien, German Rehren, Dirk Schnappinger, Steven P. Gygi, Eric J. Rubin