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May 2013

The early-medieval cemetery in Aschheim-Bajuwarenring, Upper Bavaria, Germany, consists of more than 430 graves with a large number of multiple burial sites (triple graves). Remains of two hand-holding women (green and blue) with a child in between (red), dated to the 6th century A. D. The agent of the plague, Yersinia pestis, was detected and characterized from tooth material of the blue colored skeleton. See Harbeck et al.

Image Credit: H.P. Volpert


Behind Closed Membranes: The Secret Lives of Picornaviruses?

Alexsia L. Richards, William T. Jackson


Hemoglobinopathies: Slicing the Gordian Knot of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Pathogenesis

Steve M. Taylor, Carla Cerami, Rick M. Fairhurst

Volatile Metabolites of Pathogens: A Systematic Review

Lieuwe D. J. Bos, Peter J. Sterk, Marcus J. Schultz

Research Articles

Membrane Assembly during the Infection Cycle of the Giant Mimivirus

Yael Mutsafi, Eyal Shimoni, Amir Shimon, Abraham Minsky

Antibody Quality and Protection from Lethal Ebola Virus Challenge in Nonhuman Primates Immunized with Rabies Virus Based Bivalent Vaccine

Joseph E. Blaney, Andrea Marzi, Mallory Willet, Amy B. Papaneri, Christoph Wirblich, Friederike Feldmann, Michael Holbrook, Peter Jahrling, Heinz Feldmann, Matthias J. Schnell

Activation of the NLRP3 Inflammasome by IAV Virulence Protein PB1-F2 Contributes to Severe Pathophysiology and Disease

Julie L. McAuley, Michelle D. Tate, Charley J. MacKenzie-Kludas, Anita Pinar, Weiguang Zeng, Andrea Stutz, Eicke Latz, Lorena E. Brown, Ashley Mansell

Identification of a Functional Type VI Secretion System in Campylobacter jejuni Conferring Capsule Polysaccharide Sensitive Cytotoxicity

Nancy M. C. Bleumink-Pluym, Lieke B. van Alphen, Lieneke I. Bouwman, Marc M. S. M. Wösten, Jos P. M. van Putten

Type I Interferon Programs Innate Myeloid Dynamics and Gene Expression in the Virally Infected Nervous System

Debasis Nayak, Kory R. Johnson, Sara Heydari, Theodore L. Roth, Bernd H. Zinselmeyer, Dorian B. McGavern

Rapid Quantification of the Latent Reservoir for HIV-1 Using a Viral Outgrowth Assay

Gregory M. Laird, Evelyn E. Eisele, S. Alireza Rabi, Jun Lai, Stanley Chioma, Joel N. Blankson, Janet D. Siliciano, Robert F. Siliciano

Prolonged Influenza Virus Shedding and Emergence of Antiviral Resistance in Immunocompromised Patients and Ferrets

Erhard van der Vries, Koert J. Stittelaar, Geert van Amerongen, Edwin J. B. Veldhuis Kroeze, Leon de Waal, Pieter L. A. Fraaij, Roland J. Meesters, Theo M. Luider, Bart van der Nagel, Birgit Koch, Arnold G. Vulto, Martin Schutten, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus

Class A Scavenger Receptor 1 (MSR1) Restricts Hepatitis C Virus Replication by Mediating Toll-like Receptor 3 Recognition of Viral RNAs Produced in Neighboring Cells

Hiromichi Dansako, Daisuke Yamane, Christoph Welsch, David R. McGivern, Fengyu Hu, Nobuyuki Kato, Stanley M. Lemon

Global Organization of a Positive-strand RNA Virus Genome

Baodong Wu, Jörg Grigull, Moriam O. Ore, Sylvie Morin, K. Andrew White

Pilus Phase Variation Switches Gonococcal Adherence to Invasion by Caveolin-1-Dependent Host Cell Signaling

Michaela Faulstich, Jan-Peter Böttcher, Thomas F. Meyer, Martin Fraunholz, Thomas Rudel

Asexual Populations of the Human Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, Use a Two-Step Genomic Strategy to Acquire Accurate, Beneficial DNA Amplifications

Jennifer L. Guler, Daniel L. Freeman, Vida Ahyong, Rapatbhorn Patrapuvich, John White, Ramesh Gujjar, Margaret A. Phillips, Joseph DeRisi, Pradipsinh K. Rathod

Increase in Gut Microbiota after Immune Suppression in Baculovirus-infected Larvae

Agata K. Jakubowska, Heiko Vogel, Salvador Herrero

Presentation of an Immunodominant Immediate-Early CD8+ T Cell Epitope Resists Human Cytomegalovirus Immunoevasion

Stefanie Ameres, Josef Mautner, Fabian Schlott, Michael Neuenhahn, Dirk H. Busch, Bodo Plachter, Andreas Moosmann

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Upregulates the Cellular Deubiquitinase UCHL1 to Suppress the Keratinocyte's Innate Immune Response

Rezaul Karim, Bart Tummers, Craig Meyers, Jennifer L. Biryukov, Samina Alam, Claude Backendorf, Veena Jha, Rienk Offringa, Gert-Jan B. van Ommen, Cornelis J. M. Melief, Daniele Guardavaccaro, Judith M. Boer, Sjoerd H. van der Burg

Structural and Functional Basis for Inhibition of Erythrocyte Invasion by Antibodies that Target Plasmodium falciparum EBA-175

Edwin Chen, May M. Paing, Nichole Salinas, B. Kim Lee Sim, Niraj H. Tolia

Saturated Very Long Chain Fatty Acids Are Required for the Production of Infectious Human Cytomegalovirus Progeny

Emre Koyuncu, John G. Purdy, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Thomas Shenk

Abortive Lytic Reactivation of KSHV in CBF1/CSL Deficient Human B Cell Lines

Barbara A. Scholz, Marie L. Harth-Hertle, Georg Malterer, Juergen Haas, Joachim Ellwart, Thomas F. Schulz, Bettina Kempkes

Proving Lipid Rafts Exist: Membrane Domains in the Prokaryote Borrelia burgdorferi Have the Same Properties as Eukaryotic Lipid Rafts

Timothy J. LaRocca, Priyadarshini Pathak, Salvatore Chiantia, Alvaro Toledo, John R. Silvius, Jorge L. Benach, Erwin London

Uracil DNA Glycosylase Counteracts APOBEC3G-Induced Hypermutation of Hepatitis B Viral Genomes: Excision Repair of Covalently Closed Circular DNA

Kouichi Kitamura, Zhe Wang, Sajeda Chowdhury, Miyuki Simadu, Miki Koura, Masamichi Muramatsu

IL-21 Restricts Virus-driven Treg Cell Expansion in Chronic LCMV Infection

Iwana Schmitz, Christoph Schneider, Anja Fröhlich, Helge Frebel, Daniel Christ, Warren J. Leonard, Tim Sparwasser, Annette Oxenius, Stefan Freigang, Manfred Kopf

Structural Basis of HCV Neutralization by Human Monoclonal Antibodies Resistant to Viral Neutralization Escape

Thomas Krey, Annalisa Meola, Zhen-yong Keck, Laurence Damier-Piolle, Steven K. H. Foung, Felix A. Rey

Identification of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 (FGFR3) as a Protein Receptor for Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A (BoNT/A)

Birgitte P. S. Jacky, Patton E. Garay, Jérôme Dupuy, Jeremy B. Nelson, Brian Cai, Yanira Molina, Joanne Wang, Lance E. Steward, Ron S. Broide, Joseph Francis, K. Roger Aoki, Raymond C. Stevens, Ester Fernández-Salas

Orthobunyavirus Ultrastructure and the Curious Tripodal Glycoprotein Spike

Thomas A. Bowden, David Bitto, Angela McLees, Christelle Yeromonahos, Richard M. Elliott, Juha T. Huiskonen

Dual Pili Post-translational Modifications Synergize to Mediate Meningococcal Adherence to Platelet Activating Factor Receptor on Human Airway Cells

Freda E. C. Jen, Matthew J. Warren, Benjamin L. Schulz, Peter M. Power, W. Edward Swords, Jeffery N. Weiser, Michael A. Apicella, Jennifer L. Edwards, Michael P. Jennings

Structural Basis for Rab1 De-AMPylation by the Legionella pneumophila Effector SidD

Yang Chen, Igor Tascón, M. Ramona Neunuebel, Chiara Pallara, Jacqueline Brady, Lisa N. Kinch, Juan Fernández-Recio, Adriana L. Rojas, Matthias P. Machner, Aitor Hierro

Related Articles

Pasteurella Multocida Toxin Prevents Osteoblast Differentiation by Transactivation of the MAP-Kinase Cascade via the Gαq/11 - p63RhoGEF - RhoA Axis

Peter Siegert, Gudula Schmidt, Panagiotis Papatheodorou, Thomas Wieland, Klaus Aktories, Joachim H. C. Orth

Identification of Targets of CD8+ T Cell Responses to Malaria Liver Stages by Genome-wide Epitope Profiling

Julius Clemence R. Hafalla, Karolis Bauza, Johannes Friesen, Gloria Gonzalez-Aseguinolaza, Adrian V. S. Hill, Kai Matuschewski

Persistently Active Microbial Molecules Prolong Innate Immune Tolerance In Vivo

Mingfang Lu, Alan W. Varley, Robert S. Munford

Differences in Gastric Carcinoma Microenvironment Stratify According to EBV Infection Intensity: Implications for Possible Immune Adjuvant Therapy

Michael J. Strong, Guorong Xu, Joseph Coco, Carl Baribault, Dass S. Vinay, Michelle R. Lacey, Amy L. Strong, Teresa A. Lehman, Michael B. Seddon, Zhen Lin, Monica Concha, Melody Baddoo, MaryBeth Ferris, Kenneth F. Swan, Deborah E. Sullivan, Matthew E. Burow, Christopher M. Taylor, Erik K. Flemington

Malaria Parasite cGMP-dependent Protein Kinase Regulates Blood Stage Merozoite Secretory Organelle Discharge and Egress

Christine R. Collins, Fiona Hackett, Malcolm Strath, Maria Penzo, Chrislaine Withers-Martinez, David A. Baker, Michael J. Blackman

Recruitment of EB1, a Master Regulator of Microtubule Dynamics, to the Surface of the Theileria annulata Schizont

Kerry L. Woods, Romina Theiler, Marcus Mühlemann, Adrian Segiser, Sandra Huber, Hifzur R. Ansari, Arnab Pain, Dirk A. E. Dobbelaere

Challenges in Detecting HIV Persistence during Potentially Curative Interventions: A Study of the Berlin Patient

Steven A. Yukl, Eli Boritz, Michael Busch, Christopher Bentsen, Tae-Wook Chun, Daniel Douek, Evelyn Eisele, Ashley Haase, Ya-Chi Ho, Gero Hütter, J. Shawn Justement, Sheila Keating, Tzong-Hae Lee, Peilin Li, Danielle Murray, Sarah Palmer, Christopher Pilcher, Satish Pillai, Richard W. Price, Meghan Rothenberger, Timothy Schacker, Janet Siliciano, Robert Siliciano, Elizabeth Sinclair, Matt Strain, Joseph Wong, Douglas Richman, Steven G. Deeks

Mutualistic Polydnaviruses Share Essential Replication Gene Functions with Pathogenic Ancestors

Gaelen R. Burke, Sarah A. Thomas, Jai H. Eum, Michael R. Strand

Gain-of-Sensitivity Mutations in a Trim5-Resistant Primary Isolate of Pathogenic SIV Identify Two Independent Conserved Determinants of Trim5α Specificity

Kevin R. McCarthy, Aaron G. Schmidt, Andrea Kirmaier, Allison L. Wyand, Ruchi M. Newman, Welkin E. Johnson

Antigenic Drift of the Pandemic 2009 A(H1N1) Influenza Virus in a Ferret Model

Teagan Guarnaccia, Louise A. Carolan, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Raphael T. C. Lee, Emma Job, Patrick C. Reading, Stephen Petrie, James M. McCaw, Jodie McVernon, Aeron C. Hurt, Anne Kelso, Jennifer Mosse, Ian G. Barr, Karen L. Laurie

Bile Acid Recognition by the Clostridium difficile Germinant Receptor, CspC, Is Important for Establishing Infection

Michael B. Francis, Charlotte A. Allen, Ritu Shrestha, Joseph A. Sorg

LAB/NTAL Facilitates Fungal/PAMP-induced IL-12 and IFN-γ Production by Repressing β-Catenin Activation in Dendritic Cells

Selinda J. Orr, Ashley R. Burg, Tim Chan, Laura Quigley, Gareth W. Jones, Jill W. Ford, Deborah Hodge, Catherine Razzook, Joseph Sarhan, Yava L. Jones, Gillian C. Whittaker, Kimberly C. Boelte, Lyudmila Lyakh, Marco Cardone, Geraldine M. O'Connor, Cuiyan Tan, Hongchuan Li, Stephen K. Anderson, Simon A. Jones, Weiguo Zhang, Philip R. Taylor, Giorgio Trinchieri, Daniel W. McVicar

The Lipid Kinase Phosphatidylinositol-4 Kinase III Alpha Regulates the Phosphorylation Status of Hepatitis C Virus NS5A

Simon Reiss, Christian Harak, Inés Romero-Brey, Danijela Radujkovic, Rahel Klein, Alessia Ruggieri, Ilka Rebhan, Ralf Bartenschlager, Volker Lohmann

T-Cell Tropism of Simian Varicella Virus during Primary Infection

Werner J. D. Ouwendijk, Ravi Mahalingam, Rik L. de Swart, Bart L. Haagmans, Geert van Amerongen, Sarah Getu, Don Gilden, Albert D. M. E. Osterhaus, Georges M. G. M. Verjans

A Unique Spumavirus Gag N-terminal Domain with Functional Properties of Orthoretroviral Matrix and Capsid

David C. Goldstone, Thomas G. Flower, Neil J. Ball, Marta Sanz-Ramos, Melvyn W. Yap, Roksana W. Ogrodowicz, Nicole Stanke, Juliane Reh, Dirk Lindemann, Jonathan P. Stoye, Ian A. Taylor

The EBV Latent Antigen 3C Inhibits Apoptosis through Targeted Regulation of Interferon Regulatory Factors 4 and 8

Shuvomoy Banerjee, Jie Lu, Qiliang Cai, Abhik Saha, Hem Chandra Jha, Richard Kuo Dzeng, Erle S. Robertson

DRAM Triggers Lysosomal Membrane Permeabilization and Cell Death in CD4+ T Cells Infected with HIV

Mireille Laforge, Sophie Limou, Francis Harper, Nicoletta Casartelli, Vasco Rodrigues, Ricardo Silvestre, Houda Haloui, Jean-Francois Zagury, Anna Senik, Jerome Estaquier

A Nucleotide Sugar Transporter Involved in Glycosylation of the Toxoplasma Tissue Cyst Wall Is Required for Efficient Persistence of Bradyzoites

Carolina E. Caffaro, Anita A. Koshy, Li Liu, Gusti M. Zeiner, Carlos B. Hirschberg, John C. Boothroyd

An Extracellular Siderophore Is Required to Maintain the Mutualistic Interaction of Epichloë festucae with Lolium perenne

Linda J. Johnson, Albert Koulman, Michael Christensen, Geoffrey A. Lane, Karl Fraser, Natasha Forester, Richard D. Johnson, Gregory T. Bryan, Susanne Rasmussen

Recombinant Monovalent Llama-Derived Antibody Fragments (VHH) to Rotavirus VP6 Protect Neonatal Gnotobiotic Piglets against Human Rotavirus-Induced Diarrhea

Celina G. Vega, Marina Bok, Anastasia N. Vlasova, Kuldeep S. Chattha, Silvia Gómez-Sebastián, Carmen Nuñez, Carmen Alvarado, Rodrigo Lasa, José M. Escribano, Lorena L. Garaicoechea, Fernando Fernandez, Karin Bok, Andrés Wigdorovitz, Linda J. Saif, Viviana Parreño

Phosphorylation of CDK9 at Ser175 Enhances HIV Transcription and Is a Marker of Activated P-TEFb in CD4+ T Lymphocytes

Uri R. Mbonye, Giridharan Gokulrangan, Manish Datt, Curtis Dobrowolski, Maxwell Cooper, Mark R. Chance, Jonathan Karn

Broadly Neutralizing Antibody PGT121 Allosterically Modulates CD4 Binding via Recognition of the HIV-1 gp120 V3 Base and Multiple Surrounding Glycans

Jean-Philippe Julien, Devin Sok, Reza Khayat, Jeong Hyun Lee, Katie J. Doores, Laura M. Walker, Alejandra Ramos, Devan C. Diwanji, Robert Pejchal, Albert Cupo, Umesh Katpally, Rafael S. Depetris, Robyn L. Stanfield, Ryan McBride, Andre J. Marozsan, James C. Paulson, Rogier W. Sanders, John P. Moore, Dennis R. Burton, Pascal Poignard, Andrew B. Ward, Ian A. Wilson

Yersinia pestis DNA from Skeletal Remains from the 6th Century AD Reveals Insights into Justinianic Plague

Michaela Harbeck, Lisa Seifert, Stephanie Hänsch, David M. Wagner, Dawn Birdsell, Katy L. Parise, Ingrid Wiechmann, Gisela Grupe, Astrid Thomas, Paul Keim, Lothar Zöller, Barbara Bramanti, Julia M. Riehm, Holger C. Scholz

Hepatitis C Virus p7 is Critical for Capsid Assembly and Envelopment

Juliane Gentzsch, Christiane Brohm, Eike Steinmann, Martina Friesland, Nicolas Menzel, Gabrielle Vieyres, Paula Monteiro Perin, Anne Frentzen, Lars Kaderali, Thomas Pietschmann