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May 2011

The maternally inherited bacterium Wolbachia is of extreme interest as an agent to control malaria. In some mosquitoes, Wolbachia interferes with their ability to transmit vector-borne pathogens. Heritable Wolbachia infections are common in mosquitoes, but have never been established in the genus Anopheles. However, when injected into adults, Wolbachia is able to establish infection in Anopheles somatic tissues. In Anopheles, somatic Wolbachia infections suppress the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Some Wolbachia strains also induce mortality in infected blood-fed Anopheles. When stable maternally inherited infections are established in Anopheles mosquitoes, Wolbachia will have great promise as a potential agent to control malaria (see Hughes et al., doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1002043).

Image Credit: Ryuichi Koga, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Jason L. Rasgon, Johns Hopkins University



Research Articles

Phospholipids Trigger Cryptococcus neoformans Capsular Enlargement during Interactions with Amoebae and Macrophages

Cara J. Chrisman, Patricia Albuquerque, Allan J. Guimaraes, Edward Nieves, Arturo Casadevall

Crystal Structure and Functional Analysis of the SARS-Coronavirus RNA Cap 2′-O-Methyltransferase nsp10/nsp16 Complex

Etienne Decroly, Claire Debarnot, François Ferron, Mickael Bouvet, Bruno Coutard, Isabelle Imbert, Laure Gluais, Nicolas Papageorgiou, Andrew Sharff, Gérard Bricogne, Miguel Ortiz-Lombardia, Julien Lescar, Bruno Canard

Stromal Down-Regulation of Macrophage CD4/CCR5 Expression and NF-κB Activation Mediates HIV-1 Non-Permissiveness in Intestinal Macrophages

Ruizhong Shen, Gang Meng, Christina Ochsenbauer, Paul R. Clapham, Jayleen Grams, Lea Novak, John C. Kappes, Lesley E. Smythies, Phillip D. Smith

Lymphoadenopathy during Lyme Borreliosis Is Caused by Spirochete Migration-Induced Specific B Cell Activation

Stefan S. Tunev, Christine J. Hastey, Emir Hodzic, Sunlian Feng, Stephen W. Barthold, Nicole Baumgarth

Acquisition of Human-Type Receptor Binding Specificity by New H5N1 Influenza Virus Sublineages during Their Emergence in Birds in Egypt

Yohei Watanabe, Madiha S. Ibrahim, Hany F. Ellakany, Norihito Kawashita, Rika Mizuike, Hiroaki Hiramatsu, Nogluk Sriwilaijaroen, Tatsuya Takagi, Yasuo Suzuki, Kazuyoshi Ikuta

MDA5 and TLR3 Initiate Pro-Inflammatory Signaling Pathways Leading to Rhinovirus-Induced Airways Inflammation and Hyperresponsiveness

Qiong Wang, David J. Miller, Emily R. Bowman, Deepti R. Nagarkar, Dina Schneider, Ying Zhao, Marisa J. Linn, Adam M. Goldsmith, J. Kelley Bentley, Umadevi S. Sajjan, Marc B. Hershenson

Extensive Genome-Wide Variability of Human Cytomegalovirus in Congenitally Infected Infants

Nicholas Renzette, Bornali Bhattacharjee, Jeffrey D. Jensen, Laura Gibson, Timothy F. Kowalik

Type I Interferon Production Induced by Streptococcus pyogenes-Derived Nucleic Acids Is Required for Host Protection

Nina Gratz, Harald Hartweger, Ulrich Matt, Franz Kratochvill, Marton Janos, Stefanie Sigel, Barbara Drobits, Xiao-Dong Li, Sylvia Knapp, Pavel Kovarik

Structural Insights into Viral Determinants of Nematode Mediated Grapevine fanleaf virus Transmission

Pascale Schellenberger, Claude Sauter, Bernard Lorber, Patrick Bron, Stefano Trapani, Marc Bergdoll, Aurélie Marmonier, Corinne Schmitt-Keichinger, Olivier Lemaire, Gérard Demangeat, Christophe Ritzenthaler

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Inhibition of Both HIV-1 Reverse Transcription and Gene Expression by a Cyclic Peptide that Binds the Tat-Transactivating Response Element (TAR) RNA

Matthew S. Lalonde, Michael A. Lobritz, Annette Ratcliff, Mastooreh Chamanian, Zafiria Athanassiou, Mudit Tyagi, Julian Wong, John A. Robinson, Jonathan Karn, Gabriele Varani, Eric J. Arts

SIV Nef Proteins Recruit the AP-2 Complex to Antagonize Tetherin and Facilitate Virion Release

Fengwen Zhang, Wilmina N. Landford, Melinda Ng, Matthew W. McNatt, Paul D. Bieniasz, Theodora Hatziioannou

Protective Efficacy of Serially Up-Ranked Subdominant CD8+ T Cell Epitopes against Virus Challenges

Eung-Jun Im, Jessie P. Hong, Yaowaluck Roshorm, Anne Bridgeman, Sven Létourneau, Peter Liljeström, Mary Jane Potash, David J. Volsky, Andrew J. McMichael, Tomáš Hanke

Wolbachia Infections Are Virulent and Inhibit the Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium Falciparum in Anopheles Gambiae

Grant L. Hughes, Ryuichi Koga, Ping Xue, Takema Fukatsu, Jason L. Rasgon

Septation of Infectious Hyphae Is Critical for Appressoria Formation and Virulence in the Smut Fungus Ustilago Maydis

Johannes Freitag, Daniel Lanver, Christian Böhmer, Kay Oliver Schink, Michael Bölker, Björn Sandrock

Dual Function of the NK Cell Receptor 2B4 (CD244) in the Regulation of HCV-Specific CD8+ T Cells

Verena Schlaphoff, Sebastian Lunemann, Pothakamuri Venkata Suneetha, Jerzy Jaroszewicz, Jan Grabowski, Julia Dietz, Fabian Helfritz, Hueseyin Bektas, Christoph Sarrazin, Michael Peter Manns, Markus Cornberg, Heiner Wedemeyer

Transition of Plasmodium Sporozoites into Liver Stage-Like Forms Is Regulated by the RNA Binding Protein Pumilio

Carina S. S. Gomes-Santos, Joanna Braks, Miguel Prudêncio, Céline Carret, Ana Rita Gomes, Arnab Pain, Theresa Feltwell, Shahid Khan, Andrew Waters, Chris Janse, Gunnar R. Mair, Maria M. Mota

Viral CTL Escape Mutants Are Generated in Lymph Nodes and Subsequently Become Fixed in Plasma and Rectal Mucosa during Acute SIV Infection of Macaques

Thomas H. Vanderford, Chelsea Bleckwehl, Jessica C. Engram, Richard M. Dunham, Nichole R. Klatt, Mark B. Feinberg, David A. Garber, Michael R. Betts, Guido Silvestri

The OXI1 Kinase Pathway Mediates Piriformospora indica-Induced Growth Promotion in Arabidopsis

Iris Camehl, Corinna Drzewiecki, Jyothilakshmi Vadassery, Bationa Shahollari, Irena Sherameti, Celine Forzani, Teun Munnik, Heribert Hirt, Ralf Oelmüller

AAV Exploits Subcellular Stress Associated with Inflammation, Endoplasmic Reticulum Expansion, and Misfolded Proteins in Models of Cystic Fibrosis

Jarrod S. Johnson, Martina Gentzsch, Liqun Zhang, Carla M. P. Ribeiro, Boris Kantor, Tal Kafri, Raymond J. Pickles, R. Jude Samulski

Reactive Oxygen Species Hydrogen Peroxide Mediates Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Reactivation from Latency

Fengchun Ye, Fuchun Zhou, Roble G. Bedolla, Tiffany Jones, Xiufen Lei, Tao Kang, Moraima Guadalupe, Shou-Jiang Gao

Mitochondrial Ubiquitin Ligase MARCH5 Promotes TLR7 Signaling by Attenuating TANK Action

He-Xin Shi, Xing Liu, Qiang Wang, Pei-Pei Tang, Xin-Yi Liu, Yu-Fei Shan, Chen Wang

Quantitative Subcellular Proteome and Secretome Profiling of Influenza A Virus-Infected Human Primary Macrophages

Niina Lietzén, Tiina Öhman, Johanna Rintahaka, Ilkka Julkunen, Tero Aittokallio, Sampsa Matikainen, Tuula A. Nyman

The Antiviral Efficacy of HIV-Specific CD8+ T-Cells to a Conserved Epitope Is Heavily Dependent on the Infecting HIV-1 Isolate

Srinika R. F. Ranasinghe, Holger B. Kramer, Cynthia Wright, Benedikt M. Kessler, Katalin di Gleria, Yonghong Zhang, Geraldine M. Gillespie, Marie-Eve Blais, Abigail Culshaw, Tica Pichulik, Alison Simmons, Sarah L. Rowland-Jones, Andrew J. McMichael, Tao Dong

An E2F1-Mediated DNA Damage Response Contributes to the Replication of Human Cytomegalovirus

Xiaofei E, Mary T. Pickering, Michelle Debatis, Jonathan Castillo, Alexander Lagadinos, Shixia Wang, Shan Lu, Timothy F. Kowalik

The Hexamer Structure of the Rift Valley Fever Virus Nucleoprotein Suggests a Mechanism for its Assembly into Ribonucleoprotein Complexes

François Ferron, Zongli Li, Eric I. Danek, Dahai Luo, Yeehwa Wong, Bruno Coutard, Violaine Lantez, Rémi Charrel, Bruno Canard, Thomas Walz, Julien Lescar

A Component of the Xanthomonadaceae Type IV Secretion System Combines a VirB7 Motif with a N0 Domain Found in Outer Membrane Transport Proteins

Diorge P. Souza, Maxuel O. Andrade, Cristina E. Alvarez-Martinez, Guilherme M. Arantes, Chuck S. Farah, Roberto K. Salinas

Human Neutrophil Clearance of Bacterial Pathogens Triggers Anti-Microbial γδ T Cell Responses in Early Infection

Martin S. Davey, Chan-Yu Lin, Gareth W. Roberts, Sinéad Heuston, Amanda C. Brown, James A. Chess, Mark A. Toleman, Cormac G. M. Gahan, Colin Hill, Tanya Parish, John D. Williams, Simon J. Davies, David W. Johnson, Nicholas Topley, Bernhard Moser, Matthias Eberl

A Family of Helminth Molecules that Modulate Innate Cell Responses via Molecular Mimicry of Host Antimicrobial Peptides

Mark W. Robinson, Sheila Donnelly, Andrew T. Hutchinson, Joyce To, Nicole L. Taylor, Raymond S. Norton, Matthew A. Perugini, John P. Dalton

CTL Escape Mediated by Proteasomal Destruction of an HIV-1 Cryptic Epitope

Sylvain Cardinaud, Gesa Consiglieri, Romain Bouziat, Alejandra Urrutia, Stéphanie Graff-Dubois, Slim Fourati, Isabelle Malet, Julien Guergnon, Amélie Guihot, Christine Katlama, Brigitte Autran, Peter van Endert, François A. Lemonnier, Victor Appay, Olivier Schwartz, Peter M. Kloetzel, Arnaud Moris

Helicobacter pylori Perturbs Iron Trafficking in the Epithelium to Grow on the Cell Surface

Shumin Tan, Jennifer M. Noto, Judith Romero-Gallo, Richard M. Peek Jr., Manuel R. Amieva

Clonal Structure of Rapid-Onset MDV-Driven CD4+ Lymphomas and Responding CD8+ T Cells

William N. Mwangi, Lorraine P. Smith, Susan J. Baigent, Richard K. Beal, Venugopal Nair, Adrian L. Smith

Interleukin-13 Promotes Susceptibility to Chlamydial Infection of the Respiratory and Genital Tracts

Kelly L. Asquith, Jay C. Horvat, Gerard E. Kaiko, Alison J. Carey, Kenneth W. Beagley, Philip M. Hansbro, Paul S. Foster

A Viral Satellite RNA Induces Yellow Symptoms on Tobacco by Targeting a Gene Involved in Chlorophyll Biosynthesis using the RNA Silencing Machinery

Hanako Shimura, Vitantonio Pantaleo, Takeaki Ishihara, Nobutoshi Myojo, Jun-ichi Inaba, Kae Sueda, József Burgyán, Chikara Masuta

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Transcriptome Analysis of Neisseria meningitidis in Human Whole Blood and Mutagenesis Studies Identify Virulence Factors Involved in Blood Survival

Hebert Echenique-Rivera, Alessandro Muzzi, Elena Del Tordello, Kate L. Seib, Patrice Francois, Rino Rappuoli, Mariagrazia Pizza, Davide Serruto

Distribution of the Phenotypic Effects of Random Homologous Recombination between Two Virus Species

Florence Vuillaume, Gaël Thébaud, Cica Urbino, Nadège Forfert, Martine Granier, Rémy Froissart, Stéphane Blanc, Michel Peterschmitt

Investigating the Host Binding Signature on the Plasmodium falciparum PfEMP1 Protein Family

Joel H. Janes, Christopher P. Wang, Emily Levin-Edens, Inès Vigan-Womas, Micheline Guillotte, Martin Melcher, Odile Mercereau-Puijalon, Joseph D. Smith