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January 2008

The carcinogen and peptic ulcer pathogen Helicobacter pylori binds the secretor status ABO blood group antigens. Antigen A is on the left, antigen B is at the bottom right, and antigen Leb (blood group O) is at the top right. Fucose residues are shown in green, GalNAcα1.3 (in Aleb) and Galα1.3 (in BLeb) in purple, and carbon/hydrogen in gray (see Lindén et al, e2).

Image Credit: We thank P.-G. Nyholm for structural predictions of blood group antigens.


Change in the Editorial Leadership of PLoS Pathogens

Kasturi Haldar, Grant McFadden, John A. T Young


Competitive Exclusion between Piroplasmosis and Anaplasmosis Agents within Cattle

Loubna Dib, Idir Bitam, Maja Tahri, Mourad Bensouilah, Thierry De Meeûs

Research Articles

Role of ABO Secretor Status in Mucosal Innate Immunity and H. pylori Infection

Sara Lindén, Jafar Mahdavi, Cristina Semino-Mora, Cara Olsen, Ingemar Carlstedt, Thomas Borén, Andre Dubois

Yersinia Controls Type III Effector Delivery into Host Cells by Modulating Rho Activity

Edison Mejía, James B Bliska, Gloria I Viboud

Structure and Function of A41, a Vaccinia Virus Chemokine Binding Protein

Mohammad W Bahar, Julia C Kenyon, Mike M Putz, Nicola G. A Abrescia, James E Pease, Emma L Wise, David I Stuart, Geoffrey L Smith, Jonathan M Grimes

Distinct TLR- and NLR-Mediated Transcriptional Responses to an Intracellular Pathogen

Jess H Leber, Gregory T Crimmins, Sridharan Raghavan, Nicole P Meyer-Morse, Jeffery S Cox, Daniel A Portnoy

Entamoeba histolytica Phagocytosis of Human Erythrocytes Involves PATMK, a Member of the Transmembrane Kinase Family

Douglas R Boettner, Christopher D Huston, Alicia S Linford, Sarah N Buss, Eric Houpt, Nicholas E Sherman, William A Petri Jr.

A Functional Genomic Yeast Screen to Identify Pathogenic Bacterial Proteins

Naomi L Slagowski, Roger W Kramer, Monica F Morrison, Joshua LaBaer, Cammie F Lesser

Vaccination and Timing Influence SIV Immune Escape Viral Dynamics In Vivo

Liyen Loh, Janka Petravic, C. Jane Batten, Miles P Davenport, Stephen J Kent

A SAP30 Complex Inhibits IFN-β Expression in Rift Valley Fever Virus Infected Cells

Nicolas Le May, Zeyni Mansuroglu, Psylvia Léger, Thibaut Josse, Guillaume Blot, Agnès Billecocq, Ramon Flick, Yves Jacob, Eliette Bonnefoy, Michèle Bouloy