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September 2007

The use of Christmas Seals to raise money for tuberculosis originated in Denmark in 1903 and served to highlight the profound impact of this disease. Perhaps less well appreciated was the role of the CD8+ T cell (see Lewinsohn et al, e127).

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The Impact of PLoS Pathogens

John Young, Kasturi Haldar


Botulinum Neurotoxin Heavy Chain Belt as an Intramolecular Chaperone for the Light Chain

Axel T Brunger, Mark A Breidenbach, Rongsheng Jin, Audrey Fischer, Jose S Santos, Mauricio Montal

Research Articles

Serum Amyloid P Aids Complement-Mediated Immunity to Streptococcus pneumoniae

Jose Yuste, Marina Botto, Stephen E Bottoms, Jeremy S Brown

Inhibitors of Pathogen Intercellular Signals as Selective Anti-Infective Compounds

Biliana Lesic, François Lépine, Eric Déziel, Jiangwen Zhang, Qunhao Zhang, Katie Padfield, Marie-Hélène Castonguay, Sylvain Milot, Scott Stachel, A. Aria Tzika, Ronald G Tompkins, Laurence G Rahme

Immunodominant Tuberculosis CD8 Antigens Preferentially Restricted by HLA-B

Deborah A Lewinsohn, Ervina Winata, Gwendolyn M Swarbrick, Katie E Tanner, Matthew S Cook, Megan D Null, Meghan E Cansler, Alessandro Sette, John Sidney, David M Lewinsohn

Distinct Roles for Intra- and Extracellular Siderophores during Aspergillus fumigatus Infection

Markus Schrettl, Elaine Bignell, Claudia Kragl, Yasmin Sabiha, Omar Loss, Martin Eisendle, Anja Wallner, Herbert N Arst Jr., Ken Haynes, Hubertus Haas

Hemoglobin Is a Co-Factor of Human Trypanosome Lytic Factor

Justin Widener, Marianne Jensby Nielsen, April Shiflett, Søren Kragh Moestrup, Stephen Hajduk

Plasmodium falciparum Uses gC1qR/HABP1/p32 as a Receptor to Bind to Vascular Endothelium and for Platelet-Mediated Clumping

Anup Kumar Biswas, Abdul Hafiz, Bhaswati Banerjee, Kwang Sik Kim, Kasturi Datta, Chetan E Chitnis

Phylogenetic Analysis Reveals the Global Migration of Seasonal Influenza A Viruses

Martha I Nelson, Lone Simonsen, Cecile Viboud, Mark A Miller, Edward C Holmes

Mosquitoes Inoculate High Doses of West Nile Virus as They Probe and Feed on Live Hosts

Linda M Styer, Kim A Kent, Rebecca G Albright, Corey J Bennett, Laura D Kramer, Kristen A Bernard

Apoptotic Killing of HIV-1–Infected Macrophages Is Subverted by the Viral Envelope Glycoprotein

Simon Swingler, Angela M Mann, Jin Zhou, Catherine Swingler, Mario Stevenson

T Cells Contain an RNase-Insensitive Inhibitor of APOBEC3G Deaminase Activity

Beth K Thielen, Kevin C Klein, Lorne W Walker, Mary Rieck, Jane H Buckner, Garrett W Tomblingson, Jaisri R Lingappa

Members of a Large Retroposon Family Are Determinants of Post-Transcriptional Gene Expression in Leishmania

Frédéric Bringaud, Michaela Müller, Gustavo Coutinho Cerqueira, Martin Smith, Annie Rochette, Najib M. A El-Sayed, Barbara Papadopoulou, Elodie Ghedin

Structure of the Malaria Antigen AMA1 in Complex with a Growth-Inhibitory Antibody

Andrew M Coley, Aditi Gupta, Vince J Murphy, Tao Bai, Hanna Kim, Robin F Anders, Michael Foley, Adrian H Batchelor

Related Articles

Hepatitis C Virus Induces E6AP-Dependent Degradation of the Retinoblastoma Protein

Tsubasa Munakata, Yuqiong Liang, Seungtaek Kim, David R McGivern, Jon Huibregtse, Akio Nomoto, Stanley M Lemon

Viral Oncogene–Induced DNA Damage Response Is Activated in Kaposi Sarcoma Tumorigenesis

Sonja Koopal, Johanna H Furuhjelm, Annika Järviluoma, Sari Jäämaa, Pawan Pyakurel, Christel Pussinen, Maria Wirzenius, Peter Biberfeld, Kari Alitalo, Marikki Laiho, Päivi M Ojala