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August 2007

Immunohistochemical analysis of lung tissue from a SARS-CoV-infected cynomolgus macaque stained for SARS-CoV (red) and phosphorylated STAT1 (brown). There is an abundance of phosphorylated STAT1 in the nuclei of alveolar cells, indicating the activation of innate immune responses. However, STAT1 is not activated in most SARS-CoV-infected cells (see de Lang et al, e112).

Image Credit: Photograph by L. Leijten, Erasmus MC.

Research Articles

A Mycobacterium ESX-1–Secreted Virulence Factor with Unique Requirements for Export

Bryant McLaughlin, Janet S Chon, Jason A MacGurn, Fredric Carlsson, Terri L Cheng, Jeffery S Cox, Eric J Brown

Epigenetic Silencing of Plasmodium falciparum Genes Linked to Erythrocyte Invasion

Alfred Cortés, Celine Carret, Osamu Kaneko, Brian Y. S. Yim Lim, Alasdair Ivens, Anthony A Holder

Coronavirus Non-Structural Protein 1 Is a Major Pathogenicity Factor: Implications for the Rational Design of Coronavirus Vaccines

Roland Züst, Luisa Cervantes-Barragán, Thomas Kuri, Gjon Blakqori, Friedemann Weber, Burkhard Ludewig, Volker Thiel

Differential Regulation of Caspase-1 Activation, Pyroptosis, and Autophagy via Ipaf and ASC in Shigella-Infected Macrophages

Toshihiko Suzuki, Luigi Franchi, Claudia Toma, Hiroshi Ashida, Michinaga Ogawa, Yuko Yoshikawa, Hitomi Mimuro, Naohiro Inohara, Chihiro Sasakawa, Gabriel Nuñez

Functional Genomics Highlights Differential Induction of Antiviral Pathways in the Lungs of SARS-CoV–Infected Macaques

Anna de Lang, Tracey Baas, Thomas Teal, Lonneke M Leijten, Brandon Rain, Albert D Osterhaus, Bart L Haagmans, Michael G Katze

Many Globally Isolated AD Hybrid Strains of Cryptococcus neoformans Originated in Africa

Anastasia P Litvintseva, Xiaorong Lin, Irka Templeton, Joseph Heitman, Thomas G Mitchell

Dual Targeting of Antioxidant and Metabolic Enzymes to the Mitochondrion and the Apicoplast of Toxoplasma gondii

Paco Pino, Bernardo Javier Foth, Lai-Yu Kwok, Lilach Sheiner, Rebecca Schepers, Thierry Soldati, Dominique Soldati-Favre

V3 Loop Truncations in HIV-1 Envelope Impart Resistance to Coreceptor Inhibitors and Enhanced Sensitivity to Neutralizing Antibodies

Meg M Laakso, Fang-Hua Lee, Beth Haggarty, Caroline Agrawal, Katrina M Nolan, Mark Biscone, Josephine Romano, Andrea P. O Jordan, George J Leslie, Eric G Meissner, Lishan Su, James A Hoxie, Robert W Doms

Nod1 Signaling Overcomes Resistance of S. pneumoniae to Opsonophagocytic Killing

Elena S Lysenko, Thomas B Clarke, Mikhail Shchepetov, Adam J Ratner, David I Roper, Christopher G Dowson, Jeffrey N Weiser

Genome Dynamics of Campylobacter jejuni in Response to Bacteriophage Predation

Andrew E Scott, Andrew R Timms, Phillippa L Connerton, Catherine Loc Carrillo, Khairul Adzfa Radzum, Ian F Connerton

Limits on Replenishment of the Resting CD4+ T Cell Reservoir for HIV in Patients on HAART

Ahmad R Sedaghat, Janet D Siliciano, Timothy P Brennan, Claus O Wilke, Robert F Siliciano

Natural Killer Cells Promote Early CD8 T Cell Responses against Cytomegalovirus

Scott H Robbins, Gilles Bessou, Amélie Cornillon, Nicolas Zucchini, Brigitte Rupp, Zsolt Ruzsics, Torsten Sacher, Elena Tomasello, Eric Vivier, Ulrich H Koszinowski, Marc Dalod

In Vitro and In Vivo Neurotoxicity of Prion Protein Oligomers

Steve Simoneau, Human Rezaei, Nicole Salès, Gunnar Kaiser-Schulz, Maxime Lefebvre-Roque, Catherine Vidal, Jean-Guy Fournier, Julien Comte, Franziska Wopfner, Jeanne Grosclaude, Hermann Schätzl, Corinne Ida Lasmézas


Correction: Evidence of Differential HLA Class I-Mediated Viral Evolution in Functional and Accessory/Regulatory Genes of HIV-1

Zabrina L Brumme, Chanson J Brumme, David Heckerman, Bette T Korber, Marcus Daniels, Jonathan Carlson, Carl Kadie, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Celia Chui, James Szinger, Theresa Mo, Robert S Hogg, Julio S. G Montaner, Nicole Frahm, Christian Brander, Bruce D Walker, P. Richard Harrigan

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