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May 2007

Mycobacterium ulcerans, the etiological agent of Buruli ulcer, displays an abundant extracellular matrix that confers advantages to the mycobacteria in colonizing various ecological niches successfully (see Marsollier et al, e62). This scanning electron micrograph shows vesicles purified by immunomagnetic particle separation from an infected mouse tissue. Scale bar: 0.8 µm.


Nanobacteria: Facts or Fancies?

Pasquale Urbano, Francesco Urbano

Research Articles

A Novel Linear Plasmid Mediates Flagellar Variation in Salmonella Typhi

Stephen Baker, Jonathan Hardy, Kenneth E Sanderson, Michael Quail, Ian Goodhead, Robert A Kingsley, Julian Parkhill, Bruce Stocker, Gordon Dougan

Spatial, Temporal, and Species Variation in Prevalence of Influenza A Viruses in Wild Migratory Birds

Vincent J Munster, Chantal Baas, Pascal Lexmond, Jonas Waldenström, Anders Wallensten, Thord Fransson, Guus F Rimmelzwaan, Walter E. P Beyer, Martin Schutten, Björn Olsen, Albert D. M. E Osterhaus, Ron A. M Fouchier

Impact of Mycobacterium ulcerans Biofilm on Transmissibility to Ecological Niches and Buruli Ulcer Pathogenesis

Laurent Marsollier, Priscille Brodin, Mary Jackson, Jana Korduláková, Petra Tafelmeyer, Etienne Carbonnelle, Jacques Aubry, Geneviève Milon, Pierre Legras, Jean-Paul Saint André, Céline Leroy, Jane Cottin, Marie Laure Joly Guillou, Gilles Reysset, Stewart T Cole

Electron Tomography of the Contact between T Cells and SIV/HIV-1: Implications for Viral Entry

Rachid Sougrat, Alberto Bartesaghi, Jeffrey D Lifson, Adam E Bennett, Julian W Bess, Daniel J Zabransky, Sriram Subramaniam

Identification of a Novel Polyomavirus from Patients with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections

Anne M Gaynor, Michael D Nissen, David M Whiley, Ian M Mackay, Stephen B Lambert, Guang Wu, Daniel C Brennan, Gregory A Storch, Theo P Sloots, David Wang

Identification of Cellular Genes Targeted by KSHV-Encoded MicroRNAs

Mark A Samols, Rebecca L Skalsky, Ann M Maldonado, Alberto Riva, M. Cecilia Lopez, Henry V Baker, Rolf Renne

Accumulation of Pathological Prion Protein PrPSc in the Skin of Animals with Experimental and Natural Scrapie

Achim Thomzig, Walter Schulz-Schaeffer, Arne Wrede, Wilhelm Wemheuer, Bertram Brenig, Christine Kratzel, Karin Lemmer, Michael Beekes

Deletion of IL-4Rα on CD4 T Cells Renders BALB/c Mice Resistant to Leishmania major Infection

Magdalena Radwanska, Antony J Cutler, J. Claire Hoving, Stefan Magez, Christoph Holscher, Andreas Bohms, Berenice Arendse, Richard Kirsch, Thomas Hunig, James Alexander, Paul Kaye, Frank Brombacher

Structure of GrlR and the Implication of Its EDED Motif in Mediating the Regulation of Type III Secretion System in EHEC

Chacko Jobichen, Mo Li, Gal Yerushalmi, Yih Wan Tan, Yu-Keung Mok, Ilan Rosenshine, Ka Yin Leung, J Sivaraman

The Importance of Human FcγRI in Mediating Protection to Malaria

Richard S McIntosh, Jianguo Shi, Richard M Jennings, Jonathan C Chappel, Tania F de Koning-Ward, Tim Smith, Judith Green, Marjolein van Egmond, Jeanette H. W Leusen, Maria Lazarou, Jan van de Winkel, Tarran S Jones, Brendan S Crabb, Anthony A Holder, Richard J Pleass

Crystal Structure of the P Pilus Rod Subunit PapA

Denis Verger, Esther Bullitt, Scott J Hultgren, Gabriel Waksman

Centrosomal Latency of Incoming Foamy Viruses in Resting Cells

Jacqueline Lehmann-Che, Noémie Renault, Marie Lou Giron, Philippe Roingeard, Emmanuel Clave, Joelle Tobaly-Tapiero, Patricia Bittoun, Antoine Toubert, Hugues de Thé, Ali Saïb


Correction: Dynorphin Activates Quorum Sensing Quinolone Signaling in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Olga Zaborina, Francois Lepine, Gaoping Xiao, Vesta Valuckaite, Yimei Chen, Terry Li, Mae Ciancio, Alex Zaborin, Elaine O Petrof, Jerrold R Turner, Laurence G Rahme, Eugene Chang, John C Alverdy

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Correction: Population Genomics of the Immune Evasion (var) Genes of Plasmodium falciparum

Alyssa E Barry, Aleksandra Leliwa-Sytek, Livingston Tavul, Heather Imrie, Florence Migot-Nabias, Stuart M Brown, Gil McVean, Karen P Day

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