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January 2007

Gravid female nematode worms (Nippostrongylus brasiliensis) surrounded by bubbles. A hooked posterior end and eggs are also illustrated. N. brasiliensis was used to determine a role for IL-4 receptor α on smooth muscle cells during infection (see Horsnell et al).

Image Credit: J. Claire Hoving, University of Cape Town. Compiled in Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

Research Articles

Delayed Goblet Cell Hyperplasia, Acetylcholine Receptor Expression, and Worm Expulsion in SMC-Specific IL-4Rα–Deficient Mice

William G. C Horsnell, Antony J Cutler, Claire J Hoving, Helen Mearns, Elmarie Myburgh, Berenice Arendse, Fred D Finkelman, Gary K Owens, Dave Erle, Frank Brombacher

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Effective Post-Exposure Treatment of Ebola Infection

Heinz Feldmann, Steven M Jones, Kathleen M Daddario-DiCaprio, Joan B Geisbert, Ute Ströher, Allen Grolla, Mike Bray, Elizabeth A Fritz, Lisa Fernando, Friederike Feldmann, Lisa E Hensley, Thomas W Geisbert

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In Vitro Derived Dendritic Cells trans-Infect CD4 T Cells Primarily with Surface-Bound HIV-1 Virions

Marielle Cavrois, Jason Neidleman, Jason F Kreisberg, Warner C Greene

A Mouse-Adapted SARS-Coronavirus Causes Disease and Mortality in BALB/c Mice

Anjeanette Roberts, Damon Deming, Christopher D Paddock, Aaron Cheng, Boyd Yount, Leatrice Vogel, Brian D Herman, Tim Sheahan, Mark Heise, Gillian L Genrich, Sherif R Zaki, Ralph Baric, Kanta Subbarao

Insertion Sequence–Driven Diversification Creates a Globally Dispersed Emerging Multiresistant Subspecies of E. faecium

Helen L Leavis, Rob J. L Willems, Willem J. B van Wamel, Frank H Schuren, Martien P. M Caspers, Marc J. M Bonten

Constraints to Genetic Exchange Support Gene Coadaptation in a Tripartite RNA Virus

Fernando Escriu, Aurora Fraile, Fernando García-Arenal

Neutralizing Antibody Fails to Impact the Course of Ebola Virus Infection in Monkeys

Wendelien B Oswald, Thomas W Geisbert, Kelly J Davis, Joan B Geisbert, Nancy J Sullivan, Peter B Jahrling, Paul W. H. I Parren, Dennis R Burton

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Reconstitution of an Infectious Human Endogenous Retrovirus

Young Nam Lee, Paul D Bieniasz

Inhibition of NF-κB Activation In Vivo Impairs Establishment of Gammaherpesvirus Latency

Laurie T Krug, Janice M Moser, Shelley M Dickerson, Samuel H Speck