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October 2006

In the gastric mucosa of a patient with Helicobacter pylori infection and a precancerous lesion called "incomplete intestinal metaplasia" (Genta stain), the gastric cells lining a gland have been replaced by absorptive intestinal cells with visible brush border and goblet cells, which are normally present in the intestine, but not in the stomach. Goblet cells contain acidic mucins stained blue by Alcian blue. This type of precancerous transformation is caused by long-term infection with H. pylori, visible in the lumen of the gland as curved bacterial rods stained black by silver stain. A few bacteria invade the goblet cells and can be found within blood capillaries, where they bind to red blood cells (see Aspholm et al).

Image Credit: Light microscopy picture taken by C. Semino-Mora and A. Dubois using a Nikon Eclipse E800 Microscope and a QImaging MicroPublisher 5.0 RTV digital camera. Biopsy provided by V. Simko, Brooklyn VA Medical Center. Original magnification: 400x.


Recent Common Ancestry of Ebola Zaire Virus Found in a Bat Reservoir

Roman Biek, Peter D Walsh, Eric M Leroy, Leslie A Real

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Phylogenetic Relationships of the Wolbachia of Nematodes and Arthropods

Katelyn Fenn, Claire Conlon, Martin Jones, Michael A Quail, Nancy E Holroyd, Julian Parkhill, Mark Blaxter

COPI Activity Coupled with Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Is Required for Viral Replication

Sara Cherry, Amit Kunte, Hui Wang, Carolyn Coyne, Robert B Rawson, Norbert Perrimon

Changes in the Expression of Human Cell Division Autoantigen-1 Influence Toxoplasma gondii Growth and Development

Jay R Radke, Robert G Donald, Amy Eibs, Maria E Jerome, Michael S Behnke, Paul Liberator, Michael W White

RpoS Controls the Vibrio cholerae Mucosal Escape Response

Alex Toftgaard Nielsen, Nadia A Dolganov, Glen Otto, Michael C Miller, Cheng Yen Wu, Gary K Schoolnik

SabA Is the H. pylori Hemagglutinin and Is Polymorphic in Binding to Sialylated Glycans

Marina Aspholm, Farzad O Olfat, Jenny Nordén, Berit Sondén, Carina Lundberg, Rolf Sjöström, Siiri Altraja, Stefan Odenbreit, Rainer Haas, Torkel Wadström, Lars Engstrand, Cristina Semino-Mora, Hui Liu, André Dubois, Susann Teneberg, Anna Arnqvist, Thomas Borén

Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2–Dependent Lethal Toxin Killing In Vivo

Heather M Scobie, Darran J Wigelsworth, John M Marlett, Diane Thomas, G. Jonah A Rainey, D. Borden Lacy, Marianne Manchester, R. John Collier, John A. T Young

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Correction: The Tripartite Associations between Bacteriophage, Wolbachia, and Arthropods

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