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August 2006

SIV envelope complex cryo-electron tomographic structure. The envelope complex mediates viral entry and is a target for vaccine and drug design studies. Shown here are a reconstructed virion, three views of the averaged structure of the spike in the membrane, and a slice through a tomogram in the background (see Fuller et al).

Image Credit: Image by Giulia Zanetti, John A. G. Briggs, Kay Grÿÿnewald, Quentin Sattentau, and Stephen Fuller

Research Articles

CD8+ T-Cell Responses to Trypanosoma cruzi Are Highly Focused on Strain-Variant trans-Sialidase Epitopes

Diana L Martin, D. Brent Weatherly, Susana A Laucella, Melissa A Cabinian, Matthew T Crim, Susan Sullivan, Mark Heiges, Sarah H Craven, Charles S Rosenberg, Matthew H Collins, Alessandro Sette, Miriam Postan, Rick L Tarleton

KIR/HLA Pleiotropism: Protection against Both HIV and Opportunistic Infections

Ying Qi, Maureen P Martin, Xiaojiang Gao, Lisa Jacobson, James J Goedert, Susan Buchbinder, Gregory D Kirk, Stephen J O'Brien, John Trowsdale, Mary Carrington

H-NS Mediates the Silencing of Laterally Acquired Genes in Bacteria

Sacha Lucchini, Gary Rowley, Martin D Goldberg, Douglas Hurd, Marcus Harrison, Jay C. D Hinton

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Cryo-Electron Tomographic Structure of an Immunodeficiency Virus Envelope Complex In Situ

Giulia Zanetti, John A. G Briggs, Kay Grünewald, Quentin J Sattentau, Stephen D Fuller

Toxoplasma MIC2 Is a Major Determinant of Invasion and Virulence

My-Hang Huynh, Vern B Carruthers

Alpha-Herpesvirus Infection Induces the Formation of Nuclear Actin Filaments

Becket Feierbach, Silvia Piccinotti, Margaret Bisher, Winfried Denk, Lynn W Enquist

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Staphylococcus aureus Redirects Central Metabolism to Increase Iron Availability

David B Friedman, Devin L Stauff, Gleb Pishchany, Corbin W Whitwell, Victor J Torres, Eric P Skaar


Correction: DC-SIGN on B Lymphocytes Is Required for Transmission of HIV-1 to T Lymphocytes

Giovanna Rappocciolo, Paolo Piazza, Craig L Fuller, Todd A Reinhart, Simon C Watkins, David T Rowe, Mariel Jais, Phalguni Gupta, Charles R Rinaldo Jr.

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