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April 2006

A colorized scanning electron micrograph of the novel human pathogen Granulobacter bethesdensis (see Greenberg et al).

Image Credit: Image provided by David Dorward and Gary Hettrick, NIAID/Rocky Mountain Laboratories.


The Acetobacteraceae: Extending the Spectrum of Human Pathogens

David Fredricks, Lalita Ramakrishnan

Research Articles

An Antivector Vaccine Protects against a Lethal Vector-Borne Pathogen

Milan Labuda, Adama R Trimnell, Martina Ličková, Mária Kazimírová, Gillian M Davies, Olga Lissina, Rosie S Hails, Patricia A Nuttall

A Novel Bacterium Associated with Lymphadenitis in a Patient with Chronic Granulomatous Disease

David E Greenberg, Li Ding, Adrian M Zelazny, Frida Stock, Alexandra Wong, Victoria L Anderson, Georgina Miller, David E Kleiner, Allan R Tenorio, Lauren Brinster, David W Dorward, Patrick R Murray, Steven M Holland

New Perspectives on Host-Parasite Interplay by Comparative Transcriptomic and Proteomic Analyses of Schistosoma japonicum

Feng Liu, Jiong Lu, Wei Hu, Sheng-Yue Wang, Shu-Jian Cui, Ming Chi, Qing Yan, Xin-Rong Wang, Huai-Dong Song, Xue-Nian Xu, Ju-Jun Wang, Xiang-Lin Zhang, Xin Zhang, Zhi-Qin Wang, Chun-Liang Xue, Paul J Brindley, Donald P McManus, Peng-Yuan Yang, Zheng Feng, Zhu Chen, Ze-Guang Han

Prions Adhere to Soil Minerals and Remain Infectious

Christopher J Johnson, Kristen E Phillips, Peter T Schramm, Debbie McKenzie, Judd M Aiken, Joel A Pedersen

Foxp3 Represses Retroviral Transcription by Targeting Both NF-κB and CREB Pathways

Christian Grant, Unsong Oh, Kazunori Fugo, Norihiro Takenouchi, Caitlin Griffith, Karen Yao, Timothy E Newhook, Lee Ratner, Steven Jacobson

A Drug-Sensitive Genetic Network Masks Fungi from the Immune System

Robert T Wheeler, Gerald R Fink