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KSHV-induced ligand mediated activation of PDGF receptor-alpha drives Kaposi's sarcomagenesis

Fig 1

Proteomic analysis of receptor tyrosine kinases in mouse KSHV-induced KS-like tumors shows activation of PDGF receptor-alpha.

(A) Mouse Phospho-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) Array Kit used to quantify levels of phosphorylation of 39 RTKs in mECK36 tumors pointing to major activation spot corresponding to PDGF receptor alpha chain. (B) Bar graph and pie chart from densitometry for the higher-exposure blot are equally color coded for the most prominent signals. (C) PDGFRA and phospho-PDGFRA (left panel) or c-KIT and phospho-cKIT (right panel) determined in 3 different samples of Mouse Normal Skin and mECK36 tumors from 3 different mice by immunoblotting.

Fig 1