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Complete functional mapping of infection- and vaccine-elicited antibodies against the fusion peptide of HIV

Fig 1

Complete escape profile of natural and vaccine elicited fusion peptide antibodies.

A. The positive site differential selection is plotted across the length of the mutagenized portion of Env for each antibody. B. Structural representation of the FP-directed antibody epitope on BG505 Env trimer. The Env trimer is colored from white to red according to the positive differential selection at each site. Cartoon diagram of Fab-trimer complexes were adapted from crystal structure (VRC34.01) and cryoEM structure (vFP16.02 and vFP 20.01), with one Fab-protomer shown in ribbon and the other two Fab-protomers shown as surface. Labeled fusion peptide residues are shown in spheres. Detail of the Fab-trimer interaction was shown in the inset.

Fig 1