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Innate immune sensor LGP2 is cleaved by the Leader protease of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Fig 3

Interaction and cellular co-localization of Lbpro and LGP2.

(A) SK6 cells were co-transfected with the indicated plasmids and lysed 24 h later. Lysates were subjected to IP and analyzed by western blot. The N-terminal cleavage product of LGP2 is indicated with an arrow. HC denotes the 50 KDa IgG heavy chain band. (B) Confocal microscopy images of BHK-21 cells at 20 h after co-transfection with plasmids encoding hLGP2-Myc-DDK and FMDV LbWT or LbC51A mutant. Control cells transfected with individual plasmids are shown (bottom). Primary antibodies used for LGP2 and Lb detection were a monoclonal anti-FLAG and a polyclonal anti-Lpro, respectively. Co-localization of LGP2 (green) and Lb (red) was assessed by histogram profiles of merged images. Nuclei were stained with DAPI. Scale bars, 10 μm.

Fig 3