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A cell-based infection assay identifies efflux pump modulators that reduce bacterial intracellular load

Fig 1

Screening platform (SAFIRE) used to identify EPMs.

(A) Schematic of screening methodology. (B) Representative micrographs of infected macrophages from DMSO-treated wells. Upper left is a field with 522 macrophages; remaining images are the indicated channels zoomed in on the boxed region. Scale bars are 50 μm. (C) Representative micrographs of infected macrophages treated with rifampicin [2 μg/mL] or of uninfected macrophages treated with DMSO. (D) Distribution of B-scores and p-values for 14,400 compounds from the Maybridge HitFinderTM v11 library. The locations of the three hit compounds (EPM30, EPM35 and EPM43) and of chloramphenicol (Cm), which was identified from the library, are shown.

Fig 1