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CAGE-seq analysis of Epstein-Barr virus lytic gene transcription: 3 kinetic classes from 2 mechanisms

Fig 3

A minority of EBV late transcripts are expressed independently of the βγ-encoded vPIC.

A) CAGE-seq tracks for two EBV late genes, BCRF1 (vIL10) and BPLF1 previously reported to be expressed independently of the βγ-encoded vPIC. B) CAGE-seq tracks for BDLF2 and BDLF3 showing that BDLF2 is a late gene expressed independently of the βγ-encoded vPIC, whereas BDLF3 exhibits partial dependence upon DNA replication (i.e., “leaky” late kinetics). BDLF2 and BDLF3 transcripts are strongly detected in the absence of BDLF4 (ΔBDLF4 I), but increase upon BDLF4 trans-complementation (ΔBDLF4 (I + t)). Treatment conditions are similar as described for Fig 2. Scale marker in the WT track indicates track heights depicted in all tracks for the same TSS cluster. * indicates TSS signals surpassing the indicated scale. Full tracks are available to view in an interactive viewer (

Fig 3