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CAGE-seq analysis of Epstein-Barr virus lytic gene transcription: 3 kinetic classes from 2 mechanisms

Fig 1

Nested structure of EBV lytic transcripts confounds quantification of EBV lytic mRNAs.

A) Schematic of the BFRF0.5-BFRF1-BFRF2-BFRF3 nested lytic transcriptional unit, the overlapping structure of which is shared by many EBV lytic transcripts due to frequent use of shared polyA signal sequences. B) Bar plot showing EBV BFRF3 mRNA signal relative to cellular β-actin as measured by RT-qPCR in EBV ΔBALF2 HEK293 cells that were either uninduced (U), induced with transfection of Rta and Zta expression plasmids (I), or induced and trans-complemented with transfection of Rta, Zta, and BALF2 expression plasmids (I + t) at 48 hours post-induction. C) Western blot for BFRF3 protein product (VCAp18) from lysates corresponding to samples in panel B.

Fig 1