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Cross-sectional analysis of CD8 T cell immunity to human herpesvirus 6B

Fig 9

Amino acid composition of HLA-B*08:01-restricted HHV-6B epitopes and their flanking sequences.

(A) For 16 confirmed epitopes presented by infected cells, N-terminal flanking amino acid sequences (N8' to N1'), epitope sequences (N1 to N7, C2, C1), and C-terminal flanking sequences (C1' to C8') were aligned. Predefined anchors are shaded in grey. The box indicates that the amino acids at position N7 = C2) of octameric peptides were considered twice; they were included in the calculations shown in panel B as instances of the N7 position and of the C2 position. (B) Amino acid frequency in each position, categorized into different chemical classes of amino acids. AGP, small or not otherwise categorized; LIVM, aliphatic; FYW, aromatic; DE, acidic; CSTNQ, uncharged polar; RKH, basic.

Fig 9