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Species-specific vulnerability of RanBP2 shaped the evolution of SIV as it transmitted in African apes

Fig 2

Evolutionary change at amino acid 75 in gorilla RanCyp alters interactions with HIV-1.

A) Alignment of the RanCyp domain of human and gorilla RanBP2. Asterisks (*) indicate conserved amino acid positions. Red text indicates species-specific differences. B) CRFK cell lines stably expressing TRIM-RanCyp fusion proteins (bottom) were infected with VSV-G pseudotyped HIV-1 containing a GFP reporter. The percentage of cells infected in each sample was normalized to the empty vector control. A western blot detecting HA-tagged TRIM-RanCyp constructs is shown along with a β-actin loading control. Infections were performed in triplicate, and error bars represent twice the standard error of the mean. C) An alignment of the amino acids encoded at position 75 in the species included in this study. In all panels, the numerical amino acid coordinates refer to the RanCyp domain only. 3060 amino acids lie upstream of this domain in the full-length human RanBP2 protein.

Fig 2