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Fab-based inhibitors reveal ubiquitin independent functions for HIV Vif neutralization of APOBEC3 restriction factors

Fig 6

EM model of VCBC/3C9/1D1.

(A) Ribbon representation of the VCBC complex from the VCBC-CUL5-NTD crystal structure (PDB: 4N9F). (B) VCBC and homology models of 3C9 and 1D1 fit into a representative EM map. (C) 3C9 and 1D1 binding surfaces on VCBC are shown in purple and blue, respectively. (D) A3F binding region (red) highlighted onto the 3C9/Vif E3-ligase model. Vif E3-ligase model was generated by aligning a full-length CUL5/RBX2 model on the VCBC-CUL5-NTD structure. (E) Alignment of the VCBC-CUL5-NTD complex (PDB: 4N9F) and the VCBC-1D1 complex from the VCBC-3C9-1D1 NSEM model. Inset shows the predicted steric clashes between 1D1 and CUL5.

Fig 6