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Memory CD8 T cells mediate severe immunopathology following respiratory syncytial virus infection

Fig 3

M282-specific CD8 T cell memory protects against lethal heterologous IAV-M282 infection.

Control and M282-immunized mice were challenged with either RSV or a 5 LD50 dose of IAV-M282 and monitored daily for (A) survival, (B) weight loss, (C) Penh, and (D) MVb. (E) IAV titers in the lungs of IAV-M282-infected M282-immunized mice were determined at day 4 or 6 p.i. via plaque assay. Data are represented as mean ± SEM of two independent experiments (n = 12 mice for (A-D), n = 8–10 mice for (E)). Statistical comparisons were made using Student’s t test in (E) and one-way ANOVA for (A-D), */# p<0.05, **/## p<0.01, ***/### p<0.001. Asterisks represent statistical significance between M282: RSV and M282: IAV-M282 groups, while pound symbols indicate a difference between Control: IAV-M282 and M282: IAV-M282 groups.

Fig 3