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Recombinant PrPSc shares structural features with brain-derived PrPSc: Insights from limited proteolysis

Fig 4

MALDI analysis of PK-resistant fragments from recMoPrPSc.

A) MALDI spectrum of recMoPrPSc-950 digested with PK (for more details see the main text). Peak identities were assigned using GPMaw (see text for details). The horizontal line indicates unassigned peaks perhaps corresponding to N-,C- doubly truncated fragments. The asterisk marks poorly defined peaks corresponding to fragments with ragged N-termini beginning at positions ~92–98. B)Scheme showing the location of PK cleavage sites (in red) in the context of the map of PK cleavage sites in GPI-anchorless MoPrPSc obtained by Vázquez-Fernández et al. (in blue, [26]); colored triangles indicate the approximate position of the epitopes of antibodies #51, 3F10 and R1.

Fig 4