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Recombinant PrPSc shares structural features with brain-derived PrPSc: Insights from limited proteolysis

Fig 3

Comparison of PK-resistant fragments from recMoPrPSc vs. brain-derived, GPI-anchorless PrPSc.

Recombinant MoPrPSc-950 were treated with PK (see main text for more details)A) Sypro ruby-stained SDS-PAGE gels of recMoPrPSc-950, andrecPrPSc-17kDa. Alternatively, gels were blotted onto PVDF membranes and probed with antibodies: B) #51 (epitope 92–100); C) R1 (epitope 225–230); or D) 3F10 (epitope137-151). WBs are representative of several experiments (a minimum of 3 for each antibody).

Fig 3