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Prohibitin plays a critical role in Enterovirus 71 neuropathogenesis

Fig 10

PHB expression and Roc-A treatment in EV71-infected AG129 mice.

(a) Two week-old AG129 mice (n = 3) were infected i.p. with EV71 (107 PFU) and the limb muscles, spinal cord and brainstem were harvested for immunohistochemical analysis at day 4 p.i. Scale bars denote 100 μm (20× magnification) and 50 μm (40× magnification). (b) EV71-infected AG129 mice (n = 8) were treated i.p. with Roc-A at 0.25 mg/kg at day 1 and 3 p.i. and were monitored for survival and clinical manifestations. Clinical scores were defined as follows: 0, healthy; 1, ruffled hair and hunched back; 2, limb weakness; 3, one limb paralysis; 4, both limbs paralysis at which point the animals were euthanized. Statistical analysis of survival curve was performed using logrank (Mantel-Cox) test (**, p<0.005). (c) Limb muscles, spinal cord and brain were harvested at day 4 p.i. for viral load determination by plaque assay (n = 6/7). Dotted line represents the limit of detection. Statistical analysis was performed using Mann-Whitney U test (*, p<0.05). Error bars represent mean ± SEM. One representative of two biological repeats is shown.

Fig 10