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Spatiotemporal dynamics of HSV genome nuclear entry and compaction state transitions using bioorthogonal chemistry and super-resolution microscopy

Fig 2

Temporal incorporation of EdC into viral replication compartments.

(a) RPE-1 cells were infected (moi 10) and pulsed with 5 μM EdC for 4 hrs at the times indicated. Cells were fixed and processed for EdC incorporation together with immunofluorescence for ICP8 and counterstained with DAPI staining for total DNA (DAPI). Individual channels are shown in grey scale and the merged images in colour. (b) Using the DAPI channel as a mask, images were then quantified for EdC or ICP8 and the percentage +ve plotted against total cell nuclei count. Images were taken at 10x magnification (scale bar 100 μm).

Fig 2