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Identification of Interactions between Sindbis Virus Capsid Protein and Cytoplasmic vRNA as Novel Virulence Determinants

Fig 7

Mutation of the individual SINV C:R interaction site mutants alters SINV disease and mortality in murine models of infection.

A) Adult wild type mice were infected with either parental SINV AR86 (N = 4), or one of the individual SINV C:R interaction site mutants, SINV.nt9300 (N = 6); SINV.nt10100 (N = 4); SINV.nt10400 (N = 6), via footpad injection. The infected animals were monitored daily for weight and disease presentation. Plotted in this panel is the percent survival for the experimentally infected animals with respect to time. Statistical analysis, via Kaplan-Meier, is reported inset to the panel. B) The mean weight, as plotted as percent of starting weight, with respect to time for the animals described in panel A. Plotted values represents the means of the individual animals and the error bar represents the standard deviation of the means. Animals lost to mortality were culled from further measurements. C) The titer of central nervous tissue of parental wild type SINV or the highly attenuated SINV.nt10100 mutant infected mice. Plotted are the individual titers of 8 experimentally infected mice harvested at 3-days post infection. Statistical significance, as indicated on the individual panels above, are the p-Values obtained from Student’s t-test.

Fig 7